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NJ Chiropractor Achieves Unprecedented Results with Hyperthermia and New Wave Technology

Dr. Joe Gilson, DC realized that there is a tremendous patient need that was not being met with traditional chiropractic care. Like most chiropractors, he sees patients with herniated discs, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis whose problems are not fully resolved with manual manipulations alone. “These ailments and other […]

The Get Noticed Publishing Group Replaces Small Business SEO with Brand Building

Get Noticed Publishing Group launched their new Get Noticed Brand Building Campaign to help Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs leverage what they already know to be seen as a top person of influence in their industry. Get Noticed Publishing uses local and national media as a platform to ensure their clients’ are properly positioned for […]

Google’s New ‘Truth in Advertising’ Proving Unpopular with Advertisers

Google has rolled out a new search result page design and your search results have changed again. The new layout clearly marks paid advertisements with a bright yellow box labeled ‘Ad’ and identifies the advertiser. Search users seemed pleased with the clarification, but advertisers are voicing some reservations. Before the roll-out, paid advertisements were set […]

With Baby Boomers Unsure of Next Steps William Holt LLC Launches New Career Alternative

With baby boomer executives not having post retirement plans, William Holt of, LLC announces The Holt Coaching Method certification program to teach highly leveraged coaching skills to baby boomers to enrich, educate, entertain and motivate the next generations of execs. Only 11% of Baby Boomers plan to retire!  They represent decades of hard won […]

Marketing Strategist Juliet Easton Reveals Authentic Path to Klout and Authority

There has been a lot of press lately around the subject of social influence, Klout scores, and authority. Many people have debated how important Klout really is, how you can “game” Klout, and how their Klout score has affected them. There has also been much discussion of how Klout scores tie into authority. Juliet Easton, […]

Atlanta Marketing Expert Neil Howe Announces New Authority Service for Small Businesses

Neil Howe, CEO of Howe Marketing Consultants, believes that in today’s more competitive marketplace, gaining celebrity recognition and becoming an educator and authority in your field of expertise are keys to small business success. Being on the first page of Google is no longer enough for small businesses to stand out. Atlanta-based, Howe Marketing Consultants […]

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