Teacher Nomination during Music In Our Schools Month Is Proof Of Pinecrest Schools’ Excellency

“Where Excellence is fundamental—and affordable.” Pinecrest Schools’ motto is more than just words. It’s a reality. Music director Kristina Turpin is an example of this excellence.

The 26-year old teacher was nominated for the Music Educator Award by the Recording Academy and Grammy Foundation. The winner will receive the substantial sum of $10,000 and will attend the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles in January. The 10 semifinalists will be announced in August.

This nomination is a reward for Turpin’s hard work, but also a reminder that Pinecrest Schools have one of the best educations in the country. With nine different campuses throughout Southern California, Pinecrest Schools crave to achieve excellence from Kindergarten through middle school.

Founded in 1951 by teacher Edna Mae Dye, Pinecrest has a long history of building the minds of future leaders of our country. Pinecrest is one of the rare private, family-operated schools in the United States. Each campus offers different programs, but all of them have one goal in mid: Giving the best education to children and offering them great care, all of it at an affordable price.

Daughter of founder Edna Mae Dye and Pinecrest Schools CEO Jeri Dye Lynch is proud of her programs.

“Pinecrest Family Schools are committed to engaging families as partners to support the academic, social and emotional betterment of our students,” Lynch said. “For over 63 years, Pinecrest Family Schools has been familial partners in collaboration, communication and helping manifest the most well-rounded students.”

With small class sizes, the interaction between student and teacher is greater and allows children to learn quicker in a friendlier, more engaging environment. Pinecrest curriculum is broad and progressive from kindergarten to eighth grade. Among courses are social studies, science, language arts, mathematics, and literature. Teachers are selected with great care in order to give students the best education possible.

Pinecrest Schools also set themselves apart from other private schools by using the Renaissance Program. The program offers young students a way to learn faster through a rich database of books and tools. Teachers have access to a large range of information to create more entertaining classrooms.

But building the mind is not enough and Pinecrest knows it. This is why sports take a great place in the programs. Pinecrest offers strong, competitive sports where children learn life lessons such as teamwork, respect of others and the importance of a healthy living. Flag football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and soccer are played seasonally against schools from the San Fernando Private School League. The athletic program praises athletes who try hard on the field, no matter if a victory is at the end of the road. Each athlete is recognized by an engraved trophy at the end of each season, for every sport they competed in. Team captains received a certificate, a life-proof for what they achieve as leaders. MVPs and coaches awards are designated as well. Finally, eighth grade students can be elected Athlete of The Year and see their name hang on a plaque in the front office.

Applications are considered any time all year long. However, Pinecrest seeks students who want to learn and achieve greatness in and outside the classroom. Students must have a sincere desire to work and live an engaging life for the school and the community. The application process starts with an interview and a brief test.

Pinecrest Schools is, with no doubt, one of the best private schools in Southern California. More information about campuses, curriculum’s, and tuition’s can be found online at http://www.pinecrestschools.com.