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Waikiki Beach Services: A Legacy of Aloha and Leadership

When Caroline Granelli founded Waikiki Beach Services in 1955, she was ahead of her time, setting a precedent for women in business. She started a beach service that taught surfing lessons, offered canoe rides, and rented surfboards to tourists. Today, her legacy is carried forward by Traci Bush, the current leader, CEO, and owner, who […]

Aloha HP: Bringing the Spirit of Aloha to Hospitality Staffing in Hawaii

In the vibrant and diverse staffing industry, Aloha Hospitality Professionals (Aloha HP) has carved out a unique space. Founded and led by Kathleen Hurtubise, Aloha HP is more than just a staffing agency in Hawaii. It’s a community-driven enterprise focused on providing exceptional hospitality, light industrial, and administrative staffing services across Oahu, Maui, the Big […]

Navigating the Apex of Beauty and Travel: An Insightful Conversation with Orion Brown

Orion Brown, the visionary behind BlackTravelBox, shared a bit about her trailblazing brand at the intersection of beauty and travel on the most recent episode of Women in Motion. Orion’s journey from corporate brand strategist to entrepreneur offers a wealth of inspiration and lessons for aspiring business leaders. In this blog, we’ll dive into the […]

AR Naturals Skin: Embracing Natural Skincare and Mental Wellness

AR Naturals Skin is a handmade natural skincare company founded by Ashley Rankin. With a mission to provide effective skincare solutions and support rest repair and burnout recovery, AR Naturals stands out for its commitment to holistic well-being.  The Origins of AR Naturals  Ashley Rankin’s journey into natural skincare began with her personal struggle with […]

Elevating Talent Acquisition in a Post-Pandemic World: The Adinek Group’s Journey

The Adinek Group has emerged as a pivotal player in workforce management, reshaping talent acquisition and workforce planning. Founded by Kenida Lewis in 2020, the company has quickly established itself as a leader in the industry, leveraging Kenida’s nearly two decades of experience. The Adinek Group’s innovative approach and commitment to excellence have driven its […]

Creating Inclusive Environments: A Conversation with Crystal Whiteaker

In a recent interview, Crystal Whiteaker, an L.A.-based inclusive branding and leadership development consultant, shared her journey and insights into creating inclusive, values-aligned, human-focused environments. Crystal’s multifaceted career spans photography, coaching, consulting, and training, all aimed at fostering inclusivity.  The Journey to Inclusive Consulting  Crystal Whiteaker’s path to becoming an inclusive branding consultant began in […]

The Power of Connections: Building Lifelong Relationships in Business

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, the journey can often feel like a solo expedition. However, for Cora Spearman-Chang and Bernadette Rivero, their involvement with WBEC-West and WBENC turned their solitary paths into a shared adventure filled with success, camaraderie, and mutual support. Their story exemplifies the profound impact of community and authentic connections in […]

Discovering Tansy: A Sanctuary of Plants and Home Décor

Tansy is more than just a plant nursery; it’s a vibrant, emotion-filled home décor accent shop. Shawna Christian, the passionate founder, has curated items from around the globe, creating an insanely colorful space that evokes joy and emotion. “It’s my baby,” she proudly declares.  A Journey of Transformation  Before diving into the world of plants […]

Navigating the World of Healthcare Staffing: The Honest Love Global Professionals Journey

In today’s healthcare industry, staffing shortages are a persistent challenge faced by hospitals and healthcare facilities. Honest Love Global Professionals, a travel nursing and allied health staffing agency is dedicated to filling these critical gaps. Founded by Chanelle Nakkashian, a registered nurse and entrepreneur, Honest Love connects healthcare workers with facilities in need, ensuring continuous, […]

The Sax Agency: Bridging Creativity and Process in Marketing

In a recent conversation with Lee Kantor on the “Women in Motion” podcast, Tamara Keller, co-founder of The Sax Agency, shared insights about her journey and unique approach that makes her marketing, branding, and advertising agency stand out. Located in Los Angeles, The Sax Agency prides itself on merging creative flair with meticulous process management, […]

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