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Are You a Safe Space for Your Kids?

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. As a parent, this one speaks volumes to me. Parents are the kissers-of-boo-boos, the protectors-from-scary-monsters, and the ones who make everything better, so help us God. But… I also want to be the one my child runs to when she’s 10 and struggling to figure out her […]

With All Creation I Sing

Last year, along with tens of thousands of other Americans, my husband and I purchased a camper. It had always been a retirement dream, but the lockdown of 2020 increased our sense of urgency to find some peace and solace in the woods. We found our used trailer in June of 2020 and since then […]

Leaving the Nest: One mom vs. One Child’s Perspective

Leaving the Nest: One Mom’s perspective  Leaving the nest. This term has a significantly different connotation for me as a parent then it did when I was a young adult. At 18, I knew it all. Certainly, more than my parents did. So much, that as soon as I was 18, I jumped right out […]

How Adoption Changed Our Lives

My husband and I got married right out of high school when we were both 18. We had been married about a year when some friends of ours, close to the same age and who had been married six months, started the process to be foster parents for three kids in their church who needed […]

What is love?

I knew the moment was coming soon. –I had awaited hopefully, but not necessarily patiently, the day the love of my life would propose, so of course it makes sense for me to be thinking about the question “what is love?” Instead of relying on a world full of people influencing and telling you what […]

The Stigma of Mental Health in the Workplace

Organizations need to consider mental health and its stigma as part of their post-pandemic return to the workplace. As companies sent everyone home, many faced extreme loneliness, fear, and anxiety.  Now that some organizations are bringing people back to onsite work arrangements, new emotional concerns arise. A true successful ‘return to office’ plan should include […]

5 Questions to Understanding Domestic Violence: A Personal Battle

I’m going to say some things that probably won’t be popular with some people. May even ruffle some feathers. Domestic violence/abuse is not always physical. But how can that be, you might think to yourself. Abuse and violence are physical acts by nature, are they not? Sure, but not only in that respect. 1. How does […]

5 Myths that Lead to Mom Guilt

Before I became a parent, I thought the term “mom guilt” was so silly. Why would all these lovely moms even think for a second that they weren’t good enough?! Clearly they were divinely chosen for the children God provided them… so what was the big deal? Hahaha… haha… ha… cue my own struggle with […]

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