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5 Questions to Understanding Domestic Violence: A Personal Battle

I’m going to say some things that probably won’t be popular with some people. May even ruffle some feathers. Domestic violence/abuse is not always physical. But how can that be, you might think to yourself. Abuse and violence are physical acts by nature, are they not? Sure, but not only in that respect. 1. How does […]

5 Myths that Lead to Mom Guilt

Before I became a parent, I thought the term “mom guilt” was so silly. Why would all these lovely moms even think for a second that they weren’t good enough?! Clearly they were divinely chosen for the children God provided them… so what was the big deal? Hahaha… haha… ha… cue my own struggle with […]

The National Black Business Pitch Competition Winners Announced

National Black Business Pitch Competition has officially awarded the Top 3 Finalist.  Dr. Pamela Williamson, the CEO/President of WBEC-West, was proud to announce the winners earlier this month on Facebook Live : First Place Winner, who received $10,000, was Courtney Newell, Crowned Marketing & Communications. Second Place Winner, who received $5,000, was Sherrill Mosee, MinkeeBlue. […]

How Music Brought Me Closer to God

Everyone has that one thing that makes them emotional, releases stress, spikes endorphins, something that draws every fiber of your being to feel so deeply. For me, that thing is music. Music is so beautiful in the way it speaks to everyone so diversely. It can cause you to feel emotions in a way you […]

8 Ways to Have Meaningful Celebrations

Many individuals dream in their lifetime of the day they will be able to celebrate a milestone birthday, the precious moment they get to walk down the aisle, or the acceptance of a diploma. In life there are so many ups and downs and uncertainties, so what happens when something like a national pandemic hinders […]

An Interview with Lydie Cerantola-Eid

Tell us about your journey! What led you to publishing Expanded Numerology?   I keep on seeing people asking questions about recurring times or number sequences that they keep on seeing everywhere. That was me 20 years ago, and the guidance from the Angel Numbers led me nowhere.   Answers came through 3 years ago when I […]

Father Knows Best

What do you want to be when you grow up? As a child and later as a mom, this has been a frequent conversation starter in my home. I personally wanted to be a psychiatrist, but when we started exploring careers in school, I realized it would require a medical focus. I can’t deal with […]

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