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Exploring the Unique World of Weber Legal Nursing: A Conversation with Silvia Aninye

When it comes to legal nurse consulting, Weber Legal Nursing is making waves. Silvia Aninye, the founder, is leading the charge with a perfect mix of medical know-how and legal expertise. In a recent chat, Silvia discussed how her company supports clients and attorneys in personal injury, medical malpractice, and tort cases. She also shared […]

Unveiling the Hidden Power of Roth Conversions for Financial Independence

In the labyrinth of financial concepts, it’s easy for the uneducated to get lost. Every turn leads to yet another complex turn, a challenging jargon term, or an unseen loophole. Among these myriad concepts, one that often flies under the radar yet holds immense power, is the concept of Roth conversions. On the surface, Roth […]

Exclusive Interview: Shannon Simmons on Achieving Financial Balance for Entrepreneurs.

Exclusive Interview: Shannon Simmons on Achieving Financial Balance for Entrepreneurs In this interview, we delve into the insightful expertise of Shannon Simmons, founder of Fit for Profit, a coaching and bookkeeping service specializing in helping those in the fitness and wellness industry. Shannon addresses the common challenges faced by business owners in determining their salaries, […]

2023 Update to ERTC And Whether Your Business Qualifies For Free Money

As the owner of a business consulting firm, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many small business owners over the years. And one thing that continually surprises me is how many of them are leaving money on the table when it comes to the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). This valuable tax credit was […]

Debra L. Morrison Nominated for Celebrate You Women of the Year 2021

Debra L. Morrison has been nominated for Celebrate You Woman of the Year. She was the October Celebrate You Woman of the Month for 2021.  Debra L. Morrison is a retired Certified Financial Planner whose years of experience have led her to her current passion for helping women to navigate their finances. She serves her […]

The First National Black Business Pitch powered by the WBEC-West Board is awarding 3 Black Business Owners up to $10,000 in cash prizes.

Are you a Black Entrepreneur? Are you looking for funding to help support or grow your business?  Then you do not want to miss this opportunity. The National Black Business Pitch Competition is officially on its way and moving forward in full force. Dr. Pamela Williamson, the CEO/President of WBEC-West, is proud to announce the official kick-off of the NBBP (National Black Business Pitch […]

Interview with Matthew Unger, Managing Director & Senior Advisor of Focus Asset Management

Focus Asset Management Managing Director and Senior Advisor, Matthew Unger Discusses His Approach to Helping His Clients with Financial Planning and Wealth Management During the interview, Matthew discusses how Focus Asset Management takes a different approach than many financial planning and asset management organizations with several key factors: 1) he is truly an independent fee-only […]

Author Dee Bowden to Release ‘Collect the Cash’ in April 2021

Author Dee Bowden will release her new book “Collect The Cash” in April 2021. “Collect the Cash: The Sale is not Complete Until the Money is in the Bank!” focuses on the reality that the sale is not complete until the money is collected. “Collections are uncomfortable for everyone involved on both ends of the […]

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