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Exploring the World of Graphic Design with Stacey Leong

In a recent interview with Lee Kantor, graphic designer Stacey Leong shared her inspiring journey and the unique aspects of her Honolulu-based design firm. Specializing in branding and graphic design, Stacey’s firm stands out for its authentic representation of native Hawaiian culture.  Stacey Leong’s Journey  Stacey has always been passionate about design. She holds a […]

Empowering Mental Wellness: A Journey with Franchesca Van Buren

Franchesca Van Buren steps into the virtual realm, exuding warmth and passion for her work at Insight Therapy Solutions. Her journey from a business attorney to a trailblazing advocate for mental health underscores a profound commitment to fostering change.  Insight Therapy Solutions:  Franchesca introduces Insight Therapy Solutions, a national telehealth clinic revolutionizing mental health care. […]

The Importance of Staying Real in the Age of AI

As artificial intelligence continues to reshape the business landscape, the quest for authenticity (staying real) has never been more critical. As great as some of the advances and uses of AI are, it is becoming increasingly more difficult, almost impossible in some instances, to differentiate what or who is real and what is AI created. […]

Klen App: Launches AI-Driven Mobile App in Austin, Texas to Help Businesses, Consumers Navigate COVID-19 Safety

Klen an AI-driven app that changes how businesses communicate COVID-19 safety measures to customers, today announced Austin, Texas as the first city for the launch of its pilot program.  Klen App’s multi-sided platform centralizes the most accurate, up-to-date COVID-19 safety protocols for business owners, and serves as a database for consumers to self-select their individual […]

Alex Wolk from INSITE ADVICE Shares 7 Landing Page Tips

The landing page is the first thing that customers often see when they visit your website. They will only be on the page for an average of seven seconds before they decide whether to stay or leave. Here are seven tips that can help you ensure that customers like what they see when they visit […]

Klen App: How Retailers are Making the Holidays Merrier During Covid-19

It’s that time of year again when winter is upon us and the last-minute shopping is about to begin, but this holiday season, like the rest of 2020, is not quite the same. As pandemic precautions continue to restrict business and social activities across the country, the last-minute mall shop is as daunting as ever, but for […]

Klen App: 80 Percent of US Consumers Have Anxiety About Indoor Dining

The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, and potentially a third of restaurants in the U.S. will close their doors by the end of the year. Fortunately, some are succeeding and finding new opportunities amidst Covid-19 restriction. According to McKinsey More than 80 percent of US consumers have anxiety about dining in at casual […]

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