Alex Wolk from INSITE ADVICE Shares 7 Landing Page Tips

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The landing page is the first thing that customers often see when they visit your website. They will only be on the page for an average of seven seconds before they decide whether to stay or leave. Here are seven tips that can help you ensure that customers like what they see when they visit your landing page.

Ensure Your Navigation Is Easy To Follow

If people are interested in finding out more after spending time on your landing page, then they need to know where to go. Therefore you need to ensure that your website is easy to navigate. If people can’t find out where they need to go to buy a product, then they are likely to give up and look elsewhere. Here is a great example at ECO constructors erosion and sediment control.

Don’t Compromise On Substance

You can focus too much on making the landing page look good and forget about promoting the services that you offer. It is the products and services that you offer which will be most important to customers when they are deciding whether to buy. Your landing page should look good, but not to the detriment of all else. See an example at Total Organics Recycling and compost.

Make Good Use Of Space

When people look at a screen, their eyes tend to be drawn towards the top left corner of the page. Therefore, this should be the point at which you start when you are designing the landing page. You should then work down to the bottom right corner as this is the natural path that the eye will follow. They do a great job of this at Accucare St. Louis home health care.

Ensure The Page Works

The links on your page need to be checked before it goes live so you can see that they direct people to where you need them to be. You will also need to check regularly that the links on your landing page still work. If these links do not send people where they are supposed to go, then they are not going to be able to buy from you. Mackler St. Louis ACT and SAT tutoring continually monitors their site.

Post Reviews Of Your Business

When choosing between companies to use, people can find reviews of the products and services offered very helpful. Therefore there should be a selection of these on your landing page. The more detailed the review the better, as this will provide potential customers with all the information they need to help them decide to make a purchase. It also makes the reviews seem more legitimate compared to ones of only a few words. They do a great job of this at Medical Consultants second opinions.

Make Use Of Social Media

If people leave reviews on your social media pages, then this can act as free advertising. If you set your site up to share easily on Facebook and Twitter, then whenever a review is posted, more people will be able to see it. This means your good reputation will start to grow. Penpath eCommerce dashboards do a great job here. 

Ensure Images Reflect What You Sell

You should use pictures on your website that feature products that you actually sell. This will save people from being disappointed when they can’t find the product that they are looking for. If customers feel that they are being deliberately misled, then they are not going to leave you a good review. Bryzos steel marketplace does an amazing job with their images.

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