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Author and Reiki Master Claudia Marrero-Michalik On How To Get Your Life Back

Author and Reiki Master Claudia Marrero-Michalik was recently interviewed on the syndicated radio show, “Women Innovators” by host Tamara Patzer. Claudia Marrero-Michalik started her career as a Biomedical Electrical Engineer working in the diagnostics industry. Being at the hospital and seeing so much suffering and death lead her to develop a very strong desire for […]

Author and Nutritional Health Coach Bonnie Taub On Healing Chronic Pain With Massage and Essential Oils

Author and Nutritional Health Coach Bonnie Taub was recently interviewed on syndicated radio show, “Women Innovators” by host, Tamara Patzer. Tamara “Tami” Patzer hosts the Women Innovators featuring conversations with professional women. The radio show is available on the iHeartRadio network, Stitcher, YouTube, iTunes  and Spreaker) or online at: Patzer also is host/executive producer […]

Diabetes Educator Mary Costa Talks Diabetes Care

Diabetes educator and author, Mary Costa’s new book, The Diabetes Blueprint: Five Simple Steps to Double Your Energy, Eliminate Brain Fog, Feel Younger and Lose the Weight So You Feel Sexy and Happy Again! was named an international best-seller in the area of “Diabetes Care” by Amazon. Mary Costa, a Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes […]

Traumatic Brain Injury Doesn’t Stop the Warrior’s Spirit

It’s not uncommon to find Danny Trujillo, head instructor and owner of Chozen Martial Arts Academy, holding pads and focus mitts, calling out combinations of punches and kicks. It’s the same thing he does on most days for most students. But on this day, his student Matthew was punching and kicking not from a standard […]

Strategies for Attracting More 50+ Clients to Your Gym

If you are a gym owner and aren’t actively trying to add clients who are over 50, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to grow your business and add value.. Let me explain. People over 50: Represent a large demographic. One in three adults are 50+, and this group is growing rapidly. By 2030 there […]

Never Too Late for Fitness Radio Helps People Over Fifty Get Fit and Stay Fit

Phil Faris is the host of Never Too Late for Fitness Radio and the author of the Best-Selling Book, “Never Too Late! 21 Strategies to Reclaim Your Fitness After 50” and numerous articles on fitness, anti-aging, and nutrition. He also publishes Your Weekly Fitness Newsletter that helps people of all ages get fit and stay […]

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