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WearTech Therapeutics CEO Jim Johnson Develops First Conductive Tights

A seasoned professional in the medical device industry, innovative visionary and problem-solver James P. Johnson founded WearTech Therapeutics, Inc. to provide wearable, electrotherapy technology for the athletic market. Born from a USAF grant, his new WearTech Tights(tm) are the first conductive tights in the world. They uniquely provide an “Athlete’s Edge” in sport injury recovery […]

Cancer Survivor Advocates Wig Boutique In Fayetteville NC For Chemo Patients

Joann Yost has a story involving death, desertion, passion and victory which is way too large for this article. One day she may write a book. For now though, she will focus on developing a business project which stems from her vision formulated during her time spent in a chemo chair.  Yost has opened Perruque […]

Lilly Ruan’s Miyako Rocks Asian Fusion Cuisine in North Carolina

Lilly Ruan is not your typical restaurateur. A North Carolina State University graduate in biology, she held a vision about her future restaurant.  Her dream was to provide an uptick in Asian cuisine that was unique to the Carolinas and more likely to be found in big cities like San Francisco or New York.   Inspired […]

Helping Teens with OCD – 3 Step Road Map to Success

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a brain based disorder, in which that the brains of people with OCD are actually wired differently. Understanding this helps to dispel misconceptions about what OCD is and how to help teens manage it. One in every 200 teens has OCD, so it is important to become educated about OCD […]

Hyperbarics Is More Than A Breath Of Fresh Air For Fayetteville NC Business

When one thinks about it, the most helpful inventions, businesses and social movements have come from someone’s self-interest. Not selfishness, but the internal tension inside someone that stems from an incident, accident or force of nature. In the case of John and Denise Mercado, the passion and drive for their business began with their son, […]

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