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Healthy Summer Desserts

Who doesn’t want a cold refreshing sweet treat on a hot summer afternoon? Here are some tips to keep those treats from destroying your health goals.Who doesn’t want a cold refreshing sweet treat on a hot summer afternoon? Here are some tips to keep those treats from destroying your health goals. Healthy disclaimer There will […]

How to Eat Healthy While Away From Home

Ahhh, summertime. A time when many Americans pack up the family car or head to the skies for a getaway with the kids, or even a solo time of rest and relaxation. Traveling is full of possibilities. It’s a chance to meet new people, see new places, try new foods and experience different cultures. Getting […]

Which Burger is Best? Give Your Backyard BBQ a Healthy Makeover!

It’s the perfect time of year to fire up the backyard grill and enjoy some fun summer cookouts with family and friends! It’s also the time of year for active family vacations, pool days, and sand volleyball… so you definitely want to eat healthy and stay fit so you can keep up with all the […]

5 Fun Ways To Eat Vegetables

Feel better and improve health by increasing your vegetable intake. Getting your 5+ servings a day of vegetables can lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, give you feelings of well-being, and curb your appetite. That’s a lot of benefits! If you […]

4 Best Ways to Safely Enjoy Your Summer

Ahhhh… summertime! The warmth of the sun and the lure of the water are irresistible! For so many people, it is the easiest time of the year to get outside and get moving. And it is a wonderful idea to take advantage of the seasonal beauty that God has given us by getting outside. In […]

How Important is Hydration, Really?

As the summer begins and the heat gets hotter how will you and your loved ones stay hydrated? Many know that staying hydrated is important but what does it mean to be hydrated? How much is enough fluid? What fluids improve hydration? What happens if we don’t stay hydrated? We aim to answer these questions […]

Men’s Health Month – Time for a Tune-Up

Did you know that June is Men’s Health Awareness month? In June, we celebrate and appreciate our fathers, so it is only appropriate that we celebrate their health too! Many men are notorious for ignoring their own health, which is likely why 12% of men aged 18 and older are in fair or poor health.1 […]

Achieve the Summer Glow while Protecting Your Skin

It’s that dreamy time of year—days are longer and the promise of summer is right around the corner. It is also the time of year that you are most at risk for sun damage. With long sunny days approaching, how are you protecting yourself from those harsh UV rays? When you’re young and seeking that […]

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