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Customer Acquisition Expert Matthew Loughran Discusses The Importance Of Dental Patient Optimization For Successful Practices

Matthew Loughran a best selling author and digital marketing industry expert has recently launched Dental Marketing Management a boutique dental marketing firm with the sole objective to help dentists optimize patient acquisition. A sought-after customer acquisition specialist Loughran’s agency challenges dentists to understand not all patients are created equal when it comes practice profitability.   […]

Dave Olesczuk Declares “Women Can Have Fun…And Fat Loss”

Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of Fit Body Bootcamp, Dave Olesczuk, declares a new way for women to lose fat, get toned and have fun in the process with his new 6-week program, the Girls Night Out Experience. The Girls Night Out Experience (GNOE) is a new kind of fitness program. A program that not […]

Dental Marketing Expert Barak Granot Discusses The Importance Of Positioning

Barak Granot is a marketing industry leader and founder of DentoMetrix, a boutique dental marketing firm with a rapidly growing client list. A sought-after speaker and author, Granot challenges dentists and marketing professionals to rethink traditional plug-and-play marketing campaigns, especially in relation to price promotions. Granot’s upcoming book, Attract Better Patients – How To Position […]

Quanta D. Begins The “Spotlight On Natural Health” With Author Will Jiang

Author and  Researcher William Jiang kicked off a new series of interviews by Quanta D. for Business Innovators Magazine titled “Spotlight on Natural Health” recently. Quanta D. chose to invite William Jiang to open the Spotlight on Natural Health series with a discussion of the topic: Natural Mental Health. The introduction of the series explains […]

Eti Elison Explains Why LED Skin Treatments Are So Popular

LED light therapy appears to be gaining an enormous amount of popularity in recent years. You have probably heard about LED skin treatments in the media as a non-surgical face lift alternative. It seems like every week there is some news about new ways that LED technology is being used to treat a variety of […]

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