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AlgiSys Technology Leader in Vegan Non-Fish EPA Omega-3 Attracts New CEO Peter Colella

Seasoned Veteran Peter Colella joins the AlgiSys team in the pursuit of protecting the worlds’ natural resources and improving human and animal health. Colella assumes the role of CEO and has been active in corporate finance activities on a national and international level over the course of his 40-plus year career. His background includes Chairman […]

Rescue to Recovery by Tracey Brown Now Available on Amazon

Sometimes the scars are unseen, Author Tracey Brown uncovers hidden scars in this life-affirming interview of personal discovery on Women Innovators Radio with Host Tami Patzer. Listen To Tracey Brown Interview.  Watch Tracey Brown Video. A United States Coast Guard Veteran, Tracey Brown held many designations. She wasa rescue swimmer on both small boats and […]

What Could Your Business Look Like if You Had More Self Belief?

Alexis Jane is a business and mindset coach, and her mission is to help women smash through blockages and make the most of their professional potential. She works with clients to help them overcome issues of hesitation and procrastination, and puts confidence and self-love at the centre of what she does.  She recently became a […]

Find Joy and Fillfillmelnt After Abuse with Sarah Griffiths

Sarah Griffiths has faced her own trauma, abuse and mental health issues, and has used her past experiences and recovery to inform the work she does now. As a trained, highly specialised trauma and abuse therapist, she employs the methods she used to rebuild her own life to help her clients overcome issues of complex […]

Fitness Author Adam Bricker and C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S Mentoring Creates Change! Named Amazon #1 Bestseller

 C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S Mentoring Creates Change!, is a collection of stories designed to help young women increase their self-esteem that was born out of Diana Aldereguia’s Memories in a Mansion Leadership Academy (MIMLA). C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S. has been named an Amazon #1 bestseller in 16 categories including: Politics & Social Sciences, Women’s Studies, Women Writers, Women’s History, Feminist Theory, […]

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