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The Cost of Covid-19 on Main Street

Since the coronavirus pandemic began to take shape in the United States earlier this year, its impact has sent shockwaves through the economy, and small businesses have taken a particularly hard hit. On March 13th, the President declared a national state of emergency, and by the end of March, 94% of the U.S. population was […]

COVID-19 vs. Business

While many unknowns remain about the Coronavirus and the full impact it will have on anyone business, one thing is clear: There is no shortage of people rallying, no shortage of businesses pushing through and no shortage of planning. With that in mind, many business leaders and experts are sharing their insights to help those […]

Making Great Wine from Rotten Grapes

The rapid global spread of COVID-19 has quickly eclipsed other recent epidemics in both size and scope. In addition to the deadly human toll and the disruption to millions of people’s lives, the economic damage is already significant and far-reaching. Being creative during the COVID-19 times is important to the survival of your business. This one […]

Smart Eye Technology Has A 20/20 Vision For The Future Of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity, especially document privacy, is on the minds and lips of every savvy businessperson in the digital age. Everyone has at least one instance of some Nosy Nellie peeping at their screen in a public place. Today, some of those anecdotes are becoming dangerous reminders to us all that screen security is important. In 2019, […]

Industry Leader Leticia Latino Van Splunteren, Ceo of Neptuno USA and Smarttecport Encourages More Women in Leadership Roles in the Telecom Industry

Leticia Latino van Splunteren, business isn’t just about the bottom line. It’s about changing industry culture, building meaningful relationships and contributing to a family legacy. The discussion about gender equity in the workplace is nothing new. It’s been ongoing for decades, but we’ve made a good deal of progress overall. However, we still have a […]

Abdul Baytops Provides Life Changing Experiences to Help Veterans Achieve the Right Business Results at the Right Time

Abdul Baytops is a multi-faceted C Suite Executive who is also the Founder, President, and CEO of One Federal Solution (OFS) a Consulting Company that provides Software Development, Data Analytics and Cyber Security Services for the Federal Government and Public Sector. OFS focuses on providing leading-edge solutions through an agile delivery framework for mission-critical initiatives.  […]

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