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Staying Connected: Uulala’s Prepaid Mobile Network with International Top-Up Service

A monthly cell phone bill can be full of surprises: hidden fees, roaming costs, taxes and unexpected service charges can raise the monthly cost exponentially. While this is frustrating for anyone, it can be financially debilitating for someone on a strict budget. Both the unpredictable charges and the credit requirements can make phone plans impractical […]

Uulala A Digital Payments Solution For The Changing Employment Landscape

Worldwide, fewer workers are engaged in predictable, stable employment, be it by choice or by necessity. As employment moves away from the single-employer, full time model, more people are using digital platforms to receive and access their income, especially when it comes from multiple sources. A simple question, like how exactly someone will get paid […]

Sparkle Coin Jumps To $35 While Still In ICO

Cryptocurrency has forever changed financial transactions, but have struggled to gain mass adoption. Bitcoin has dramatically increased in price and trading volume, yet it is rarely accepted by businesses for the purchase of products and services. Furthermore, established financial networks and platforms simply cannot integrate and work with unsupported cryptocurrencies as a matter of policy […] Poised To Disrupt The Recruiting Industry Launches ICO Pre-Sale  ICO presale is currently active, the blockchain based technology is poised to disrupt the legacy recruiting and job board industry. The HireMatch token reduces the cost to acquire new employees by removing unnecessary friction and creating a more efficient marketplace by providing crowdsourced labor an incentive to find, verify and submit candidates to job […]

Craig Petronella’s New Book Becomes Amazon #1 Best Seller

Craig Petronella, IT Cybersecurity Expert, recently published “How HIPAA Can Crush Your Medical Practice…Why Most Medical Practices Don’t Have A Clue About Cybersecurity or HIPAA And What To Do About It.” Petronella, CEO of Petronella Technology Group, Inc. in Raleigh, N.C. wrote this book to highlight the real and growing threat of cyber ransom. Here […]

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