How Real-Time Online Video Plays a Critical Role in Helping Organizations of All Sizes Survive COVID-19

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Institutions of all kinds, from schools to businesses and non-profits, are having to reinvent how they function in a rapidly changing world. To keep students, employees, and members of a vast array of organizations connected, they are having to innovate and to do it quickly.

The master key to managing these changes is engagement. This has caused a rise in the prominence of applications such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. Developers have worked successfully to make their applications easier and more robust providing usability to even the most technically challenged.

Before the pandemic, organizations limited the application of technologies designed for engaging remotely. Now, facing fresh challenges and more limited options, new approaches to old tasks are being explored.

The need to move forward, even under challenging circumstances, is forcing them to test new limits. But when people can’t meet face to face, how much can really be accomplished via online video and teleconferencing?

The answer, surprisingly, is “a lot.”

Some of the success stories are surprising and unexpected. Doctors are discussing medical issues with senior citizens via teleconferencing. Schools and other educational institutions are solving the challenges of providing education and testing at a distance. Strata corporations are holding annual meetings faced with the need to meet their obligations while avoiding large gatherings.

In an effort to keep themselves and the economy from suffering more damage than absolutely necessary, businesses are increasing the utilization of all available technology. Video conferencing, while not new, is taking a greater and greater roll in daily business life. From interacting with employees working remotely to holding board meetings.

One of the greatest challenges facing organizations in these times is the retention of human resources. Employees with nothing but time are exploring new opportunities. Other prudent employers are using this time to recruit quality talent, preparing for a transition to the ‘new normal’. At risk of losing their most valued resources, talent that has taken time and money to develop, organizational leaders are looking for ways to maintain the connection and reinforce relationships with team members.

With the assistance of professional trainers and speakers to facilitate individual and group online training sessions, they are developing methods for achieving this all-important task. Motivational seminars can be held online, keeping members connected and excited about the future.

Businesses aren’t the only ones capitalizing on this burgeoning method of connecting. Schools, churches, doctors and medical professionals, non-profits, and governments have all recognized the critical nature of this new way of functioning.

One thing is for sure. The ‘new normal’ that everyone is talking about, will include online video engagement. To an unknown degree, this is here to stay and there is no time to be lost in putting these new tools to work.


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