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Author of “Computers Should Just Work,” and “Hackers Need to Make a Living, Too,” Adam Pittman was recently recognized as one of the top 10 leading experts in Cyber Security and Cyber Crime in the United States.

Pittman, president of Computerbilities, Inc., starred in the documentary, “Cyber Crime,” available on Amazon Prime.

Cyber Crime is a documentary film from Director Jeff Roldan exploring “a growing plague in our expanding digital world.”

Billions of dollars a year are stolen or lost as a result of cyber crime which can destroy businesses and the lives of business owners and even their customers.

“I’m committed to doing everything I can to educate the public and business owners about cyber crime and cyber security. I want to make sure that business owners and companies have access to the information and services they need to keep themselves and their livelihood safe,” Pittman explained.

A veteran Computer Technician and Network Engineer with more than 35 years of experience in the computer industry, Pittman has worked with local and federal government agencies as well as more than 2000 businesses in more than 100 industries, including companies such as Boeing, General Dynamics and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. He is passionate about helping businesses protect themselves from cyber crime and create strong plans to keep their customer information and internal business information safe and secure.

Pittman spoke at Harvard Club of Boston, where he covered the topic of computer crashes. He regularly speaks on podcasts, television and in the documentary film, Cyber Crime, about why computer crashes are inevitable. He focused on the five things a person can do to easily prolong the life of  computer and protect them from viruses. 

“I have some great information about how you can keep your PC from crashing,” he said. “I call this the Steve Jobs. Keep your PCs updated, that’s a great way to keep them from crashing from operating system malfunctions.” 

With the phrase “Password123” being the most commonly used password, Pittman advised, “I recommend people create a sentence that they will remember.”

With a long history of high level customer service, Computerbilities, Inc. guarantees clients 5-minute response time, excellent communication, solutions for corrupt/overwritten CAD file issues, solving large file sharing and email problems, preventing surprise bills and false license issues from AutoCAD, and clear, jargon-free solutions, and 24-hour help desk service. “Computerbilities offers little or no downtime, as the network is monitored 24x7x365 for up time and predictive failure. This is so we can repair the problem before it affects your workforce,” Pittman said. “This means you won’t lose days or weeks of work, saving you thousands of dollars in rework.”

About Adam Pittman

Adam Pittman is president at Computerbilities, Inc., with headquarters in Raleigh, NC. Pittman is also a veteran from the United States Air Force. He was born in New York and raised in the U. S. Virgin Islands.  After he got out of the Air Force, he moved back to New York City until he relocated to Cary, North Carolina, to start his business in 1995.

Pittman and his company, Computerbilities, Inc. have received numerous awards and recognitions including (to name a few): The Best Businessman Award (2006), and Best of Business Raleigh Business Service (2013,and  Secretary of Defense Patriotic Employer Award (2017).

Pittman has been asked to speak at multiple professional organizations, He spoke at the Harvard Club of Boston, where he covered the topic of computer crashes. Adam has a passion for advocating for the importance of IT services and providing IT assistance for businesses. Author of the book, “Computers Should Just Work,” he also starred in the documentary, “Cyber Crime.” In 2019, he was recognized by industry leaders as being in the top 10 of cyber security and cyber crime experts in the United States.

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