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Randy Stanbury Stays Out Front In A Changing Shipping Industry

For Randy Stanbury, President at Service Freight and number one best selling collaborative author on Amazon, shipping is big business. And not just because Stanbury’s company is already positioned as a food industry shipping leader that continues to grow, but because Randy Stanbury has his eye to the future. The most important thing to his […]

Aioga Alternative Yoga Apparel Launches On Indiegogo

Based out of Seattle, Aioga is a yoga apparel company dedicated to breaking the mold for traditional yoga attire. With a brand identity founded on the idea that yoga practitioners no longer fit into any one particular box, Aioga is not only reaching out to long-time practitioners but also to those newcomers who have been […]

Jose Diaz Of JAD Roofs Educates Public About New Regulations For Restoration Roofing

Jose Diaz, President of JAD Roofs, Inc., based in California is working hard educate the public about new regulations in California for restoration roofing. He explains, “Roof inspections need to be done annually to uncover damage, before…one day, you have a ‘drip, drip’ on your forehead, and the next, buckets-full are pouring down… and you’re […]

Razzle Card Personalized Video Ecard Company Reports Boost In Website Traffic

Razzle Card, a Montreal based personalized video ecard company reports a 500% boost in website traffic over the previous month. Derek Bowen, founder of Razzle Card comments, “We have noticed through our website analytics a boost in website traffic of more than 500% over the previous month. We are pleased with this increase in traffic […]

The Pillars – A Montreal Based Organizational Consulting Firm Is Proud To Announce The Launch Of Their Mobile Website

The Pillars announce the launch of their mobile website. The Pillars is an organizational development consulting group specializing in change management, talent management, executive coaching and leadership training. The Pillars are based out of Montreal and serve Quebec and the Ottawa regions. With Google’s recent “Mobilegeddon” algorithm change, many organizations are scrambling to get their […] – Bilingual Online New Urban Lifestyle Magazine Launching May 7, 2015 will launch on May 7, 2015. An official inauguration event is being planned for later that month. Readers will be able to access on the Internet from any digital platform. On May 7, 2015, Visionnaires Inc. will launch, a bilingual cosmopolitan “New Urban Lifestyle” online magazine accessible from any digital platform, desktop, tablet […]

Tom Bell Reveals The Makings Of A Quality Air Knife

There is only one company that has finally solved a lingering question on how to ultimately cut manufacturing costs when the need to remove debris and liquids from a surface is required before a piece can be finalized. Tom Bell, the owner of Turbotech explains, “The High Velocity Low Pressure Air Knife (HVLP) by Turbotech […]

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