Smart Eye Technology Has A 20/20 Vision For The Future Of Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity, especially document privacy, is on the minds and lips of every savvy businessperson in the digital age. Everyone has at least one instance of some Nosy Nellie peeping at their screen in a public place. Today, some of those anecdotes are becoming dangerous reminders to us all that screen security is important.

In 2019, hackers intercepted $2 billion of value from documents and emails. A substantial part of these hacks was no more sophisticated than simply taking information from an open display.

Enter Smart Eye Technology – screen security software for the Technology for Your Eyes Only (TYEO) generation.

What is Screen Security Software?

Smart Eye Technology sticks to a simple idea. If you’re using your laptop, smartphone or tablet in a public space, you’re the only one with any business staring at that screen. With curious people (who may be hackers) around us all the time, you’re probably not.

TYEO means that your Smart Eye app will literally stop anyone but you from watching your screen by shutting it down if it senses another eye monitoring it. The “Warning: Multiple Users” screensaver it shows will protect your sensitive information and send a strong message to hackers to move on.

Elite Document Security

As it protects the individual in a crowded space, Smart Eye Technology also shields the enterprise level company against billion-dollar losses of invoice fraud and intellectual property loss. Using bleeding-edge technology including behavioral biometrics and behavioral print, the Smart Eye combines traditional facial recognition and fingerprint recognition with iris recognition and voice recognition to create a holistic security profile for a core user. The result is a more personalized multifactor authentication methodology that puts the businessperson (finally) one full technological step ahead of the hacker.

The Future of Cyber Security

Top minds from the two most secure nations in the world, the United States and Israel, came together to make the Smart Eye a reality. Smart Eye Technology proprietor Dexter Caffey is known for speaking as an expert on cybersecurity and big data around the industry. His TYEO concept seems to finally put a name to the type of security that every businessperson has been dreaming of – a security that will allow the individual user to take back both physical and digital control of the devices under his or her purview. 

As Smart Eye continues to expand its feature set into personalized tactile-based security, its ability to protect enterprise-level business from the individual node level will certainly expand opportunities for its use on a bigger scale.

To Learn More

To learn more about the Smart Eye technology, consult the website or call Dexter Caffey directly at 1-866-559-7638. Questions may also be addressed to the company email at The website offers free demonstrations of Smart Eye and support for further inquiry.

“Hindsight is always 20/20” no longer has to be the standard in business. Forget mopping up after the breach has occurred. With Smart Eye Technology, every businessperson can have 20/20 vision along with eyes in the back of their heads – in the here and now.

Neil Howe

Neil Howe is a 3-time #1 Best Selling Author, host of Expert Profiles Atlanta, Business Authority Radio and The Trust Factor Podcasts, an Online Media Strategist and Publicist, avid reader and Personal Branding advocate.