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Michael Ritter Of Great Lakes Heating And AC Offers Home Safety And Comfort Tips

With heating season upon us, Michael Ritter of Great Lakes Heating and Air Conditioning shares tips on keeping us safe and comfortable in our homes. Heeding his advice, homeowners can also save money on their utility bills. “What we do is save people money while keeping them safe and comfortable at home,” stated Ritter. Do-it-yourself […]

Instant Celebrity Status Receives Federal Trademark For Their Publishing And Media Firm

Instant Celebrity Status, a premium media and publishing service provider, received the federal trademark for the term Instant Celebrity Status ® this week. They are known to assist clients that operate in highly competitive spaces stand out as the “go to” expert or thought leader in their industry with their innovative publishing and media strategies. […]

Environmental Office Solutions Is Reducing Landfill Waste With Responsible Recycling Programs

Environmental Office Solutions (EOS), based in East Hartford, Connecticut, is keeping over 20 million pounds of office waste and electronic materials out of landfills per year. The company is a national leader in recycling of toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges, cellphones and printer parts. Printer cartridges, including both toner cartridges, used in laser printers, and inkjet […]

Connie Croom Of ELDERS Insurance Services On Life Insurance And The Industry

“The right kind of life insurance is going to be best determined by the individual,” said Connie Croom in a recent interview. Over his years of experience with the insurance industry, Croom has consistently learned—and taught—that no one insurance scenario is the same as another. Croom, who is the Principal of ELDERS Insurance Services, is […]

Randy Stanbury Stays Out Front In A Changing Shipping Industry

For Randy Stanbury, President at Service Freight and number one best selling collaborative author on Amazon, shipping is big business. And not just because Stanbury’s company is already positioned as a food industry shipping leader that continues to grow, but because Randy Stanbury has his eye to the future. The most important thing to his […]

Aioga Alternative Yoga Apparel Launches On Indiegogo

Based out of Seattle, Aioga is a yoga apparel company dedicated to breaking the mold for traditional yoga attire. With a brand identity founded on the idea that yoga practitioners no longer fit into any one particular box, Aioga is not only reaching out to long-time practitioners but also to those newcomers who have been […]

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