7 Businesses To Contact If Your Auto Dealership Wants More Referrals

Interested in finding new routes for expanding business at your car dealership?

Generating more sales for your dealership will require you to think outside of the box and leverage your relationships with other local businesses.

Here’s seven businesses that can become your greatest allies and send you prospects.

Insurance Agents

Who do car owners turn to in a case of trouble? Typically their insurance agents are the first line of defense following an accident, total loss, or engine troubles leaving them stranded and in need of a tow. As insurance agents deal with vehicle problems on a daily basis, they should become your top partner in the referral world.

Tow Truck Drivers

Speaking of getting a tow, when a vehicle owner is tired of dealing with a broken down vehicle that constantly gives them trouble, the tow truck driver hears their sad tale. Why not set up a referral partnership with tow truck drivers in your area? Not only are you providing your potential customers with a ray of sunshine on their days of vehicle woes, but you stand to gain a solid increase in referrals from customers in need of vehicles the most.

Independent Repair Shops

Another hot spot for car owners in need of a new set of wheels is independent repair shops. Whether you are looking at a Jiffy Lube or Midas Repair Shop, or your neighborhood garage, these businesses can increase their service by offering information about your convenient local car dealership. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Copy and Computer Repair Shops

How can a copy and computer repair shop help you score car buyers? Look beyond their customer base to their own business needs. These repair shops tend to spend a lot of time on the road. As a result, they are in need of reliable wheels to maintain their own business reputation. Support them by offering some sort of incentive for working with you as a referral partner. In addition to offering these businesses much needed auto service or new wheel deals, you can also connect with those customers who depend on door-to-door repair shops because they themselves do not have a vehicle that can get them to the repair shop.

Travel Agents

In the travel agent industry, customers are constantly looking for a way to get away for a vacation. Additionally, travel agents typically provide more services than just booking itineraries. For example, they might offer airport pickup to and from the airport for travelers. Suggest ways that you can help your travel agents expand their business, while also expanding your own by sales or leases of vehicles for travelers’ demands.

Real Estate Agents

Did you know that individuals who purchase a new home generally buy a vehicle within 6 months of their home closing date? Take advantage of this fact and add real estate agents to your referral program.

OB/GYN Doctors

Another curious connection? It shouldn’t be. OB/GYN doctors are typically the first businesses to work with patients who need a new vehicle, often in the form of an SUV or minivan to haul around a growing family. If you want to see your mid-sized sedans and four-door vehicle sales blow through the roof, contact your local OB/GYN doctors for your new referral program.

Reach out to these businesses and start a conversation on how you can work together.

The simple fact of letting these business owners know that they have a trusted friend in the car business can make a huge difference in your vehicle sales and your authority in the community.

Gus Skarlis, the World’s Leader for Auto Dealer Social Lead Generation and Best-selling author of “Restart” offers these tips and many more at this website.  For additional information visit: http://ReferralDriven.com.