Instant Celebrity Status Receives Federal Trademark For Their Publishing And Media Firm

Instant Celebrity Status, a premium media and publishing service provider, received the federal trademark for the term Instant Celebrity Status ® this week. They are known to assist clients that operate in highly competitive spaces stand out as the “go to” expert or thought leader in their industry with their innovative publishing and media strategies.

Speaking on the occasion, Instant Celebrity Status founder TC Bradley said, “We have created over 23 best-selling authors in our media and publishing business in the last year and the term “Instant Celebrity Status” now represents the highest degree of excellence in both the publishing and media space, which is why it was so important to protect our brand by securing the federal trademark rights. I promise you, if you are ordinary, you will get rejected 100% of the time, there is plenty of ordinary in the world, and everyone knows it when they see it. Our clients don’t get to be ordinary around us.”

The firm is known for its innovative media strategies and provides media placement opportunities with prestigious media outlets such as Forbes. Bradley added, “I am releasing my own business book later this year on Amazon titled: ‘Instant Celebrity Status!’ ” Upcoming authors can establish their dominance in the local market and get the opportunity to become a best-selling author with Instant Celebrity Status.

About Instant Celebrity Status

Established in 2003, Instant Celebrity Status is a premium media and publishing service provider with global headquarters located in Cape Coral, Florida.