Digital Media Strategist Quanta Di Gives Fresh Perspective To Branding With Digital Media

The online marketing of entrepreneurs, local businesses and projects have become a worldwide occurrence and necessity for most businesses that hope to grow their ideas but to also survive. With such a high potential for growth, expansion, sales and a variety of exposure, the need for the right branding strategy is undeniable. As there are now increased ways to brand products, services, ideas and people via the Internet, finding and choosing the right path of what will work for a specific brand can be equally daunting. From the creation of a logo to creating a website that leads into marketing, advertising, social media and reputation, having to brand and market a product or idea can be overwhelming.

Oftentimes, entrepreneurs and small businesses face discouragement because of branding technicalities, trying to keep up with the fast-paced and constantly growing and changing worldwide web. Quanta Di, Digital Media Strategist and Independent Publisher says, “Most have good ideas. Branding usually starts in the passion and excitement needed to build and sustain an idea, we are seeing more entrepreneurs taking on a wealth of cyber tech-chores that ultimately make these brands forget the joy of creating and being that brand or idea to begin with. The focus should not be on the technology or the terminology but the message the brand wishes to convey. This is where creative sparks unique to a brand are born, those wanting to effectively build or maintain an idea or image should not lose sight of this, where there is no sight lives confusion and a lack of vision.”

As the term “branding” and branding services continue to rise in online and offline popularity, visual stimuli and the technologies to create impressions that last (or not) will continue to flourish with results that differentiate as per strategy and factors unique to a brand, respectively. According to Brad Smallwood, Facebook’s Head of Marketing Science, “Media planning and spending has to involve a mix but that mix depends on the brand and the audience. We know it’s not just about digital.” A branding plan for either a start-up or well-established business or organization will more than likely have an audience, customers and prospective clients as unique as the brand itself. Plans involving social media, sharing of content, advertising and marketing produce differing outcomes. The strategies of major brands are looked to for marketing insights and branding ideas to model as a case-study. Big brands implement what usually involve large amounts of money and networking connections that most small businesses dream of attaining.

Whether it’s entrepreneurs, a local business or non-profit, being receptive to the wants and desires of the brands audience and focusing on that brand’s specific messages will maintain balance of blending and extending the joy in creating the brand, spreading the message and acquiring the use of the digital technology necessary to grow and enhance chances of branding success. Although branding has now reached far beyond logos and business cards, presenting a unique idea that influences, inspires and increases sales and exposure will have roots in joy and creativity that an audience can believe in.

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