Abdul Baytops Provides Life Changing Experiences to Help Veterans Achieve the Right Business Results at the Right Time

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Abdul Baytops is a multi-faceted C Suite Executive who is also the Founder, President, and CEO of One Federal Solution (OFS) a Consulting Company that provides Software Development, Data Analytics and Cyber Security Services for the Federal Government and Public Sector. OFS focuses on providing leading-edge solutions through an agile delivery framework for mission-critical initiatives.  For the last 14 years, Abdul Baytops has successfully led his company to support over $250 Million in combined government contracts.  At OFS, he focuses the company on protecting the government with the innovative technology solutions, with a strong focus on Data Sciences and Analytics and at the same time developing relationships that are required to be successful in business domestically and internationally. 

Mr. Baytops possesses an experience of more than 23 years of serving as a business leader & had the honor of serving high-profile companies in his professional career. He attended Liberty University where he majored in Business Management and a minor in Computer Science.  Equipped with a formidable blend of knowledge & understanding of Federal Contracting and Business Management skills he excels in the niches of Strategic Planning, Operations and Data Analytics. He has had the luxury of working in a diversified workplace environment and is motivated & inspired by the drive to contribute to the growth & cultivation of a prosperous technology community.

Abdul Baytops brings over 15 years of business, entrepreneurialism and information technology experience to OFS, fellow veterans and individuals he mentors on a regular basis. He believes that no matter who you are and the skills, education or other limitations that people may have about you or your own internal fears he can add value to change your way of thinking to improve where you are today. As a Young & Talented, Exceptional Young Business Entrepreneur in Washington, DC that started from nothing he has been in seen in several advertisements, News radios, Live Show and trending magazines and welcomes companies and business to reach out to him if growth is what they are looking for.  All of his previous experiences have provided him the leadership skills necessary to take this business and yours to the next level.

Besides this, Mr. Baytops is an avid serial entrepreneur and seeks to provide mentoring and growth strategies for those who are seeking to do more with their life with what they have today. He seeks to motivate, encourage, and empower his team of zealous professionals in the quest of prevailing business career success.  Abdul is actively pursuing opportunities to strive for a higher level of professional career success and somewhere where he can bring his positive energy to an Executive Team.

He has facilitated hundreds of transactions in the critical areas and is willing to guide veterans on the road to business success. He wants to be an inspiration to future veteran entrepreneurs to step out of their comfort zone and take the leap to entrepreneurship. According to  him, “If you are that goal-driven, outspoken leader, and you have that drive and ambition to be successful, you will be successful.”

This Summer, Abdul Baytops will share his knowledge in the compilation book, Fields to Boardrooms: Conversations with Veteran Business Leaders. Fields to Boardrooms is a great book that features conversations with peers—veterans of the United States Military—who have chosen the path of business ownership or the corporate path. It focuses on bringing more guidance and clarity to veterans prospecting business ownership or working within corporate America and also to encourage veterans to reach for the stars. The book is published by T&S Publishing, LP, and is scheduled to be released on Amazon.com in the spring of 2019.

For more information about Abdul Baytops, please visit www.onefederalsolution.com or www.successtheonlyoption.com

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