Styliff Tech: A Business Born of Good Conversation, Cocktails and Big Ideas Develops Breakthrough Digital Products

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Good conversation leads to big ideas. At least that’s what proved to be the case for the founders of Styliff Tech – a London-based app development studio that caters to a client roster that includes a mix of high growth start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Founders Grega Trobec, CEO; Charlie Regis; and Lucas Poelman bonded over tennis, cocktails and a shared dream of revolutionizing digital products.

Together, they have built a business that has been honored with global innovation awards and earned them a seat at the table of such elite worldwide organizations as the Founders Institute, Founders of the Future and TMZ of Toronto. Founded in 2015, Styliff uses its team’s expertise in UX/UI design and full stack development capabilities to develop apps that are user-friendly, design-effective and engaging. And while its reach has been across a spectrum of industries, it has made the biggest impact in the med-tech, health/wellness, arts, music & HR industries.

Styliff credits its business model for attracting the unconventional app inventors that set them apart from the competition. Much of the team is made up of individuals who would otherwise not be willing to work in an agency-type setting because of the limits placed upon their ideas in previous roles. These avant-garde creators push traditional boundaries, resulting in clients reaching their goals faster in attention-getting ways. In fact, Styliff works with a limited number of clients at any given time and launches in-house ventures that showcase their innovative capabilities and has taken them to Silicon Valley and beyond 

“As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have a unique perspective to what our clients’ obstacles and opportunities may be. We create innovative technology with those things top-of-mind to help them accelerate the trajectories of their businesses,” explained Regis. “We also honor our entrepreneurial roots by serving as a tech partner for incubators and accelerators to help early stage startups get funded.”

“Think about it. On average, people use nine apps a day. So, if you want yours to be among those people turn to, you need to build something exceptional because the standard is so high and the choices are so expansive,” added Trobec. “One of the most important things a start-up can invest in is a platform they can continue to build upon rather than rebuild. We do that for clients.”

Styliff develops everything from AI bots to gamified fitness trackers to enterprise CRM solutions. Some of its groundbreaking solutions include the first virtual workwear fitting app for Lidl’s widely dispersed workforce of 300,000+; a personalized learning tool called Shiken to help medical students learn mindfulness techniques to improve knowledge retention; and the “linked in for fashion & art” providing a digital gallery experience for artists to showcase their work and brands to source the top freelancers.

One of Styliff’s most impactful partnerships has been with London-based healthtech accelerator HS., which launched in April last year and already has an established, focused and effective ecosystem to build, scale and invest in the world’s best health-tech start-ups.

  1. Founding Partner, Dr. James Somauroo said of the new partnership: “We have built the fastest and most impactful route to healthcare markets for anyone with an idea or solution in using technology.

“Our partnership with Styliff enables our portfolio companies to work with technical, design and UI/UX experts to turn ideas into reality, bring cutting edge technology to the fore and, most importantly, make lives better for staff and patients in healthcare systems around the world.”

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About HS.

  1. is an accelerator and fund ecosystem for businesses using technology to tackle the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges. Our goal is find the most talented individuals and companies to solve healthcare’s biggest problems – we want to improve lives at a global scale. The programme builds, scales and invests in healthcare technology businesses and helps larger organisations drive healthcare innovation at a corporate level, positioning the UK at the forefront of innovation in global healthcare. 

Founded by NHS doctors, entrepreneurs and healthtech investors, HS. launched in April 2018, and accepts applications on a rolling basis. 

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