Social Architect Craig Williams Takes Trump Business Lessons To Heart And Helps Small Business Owners Connect

Social Architect Craig Williams has a love for people and their stories. He’s taken his ability to remember people that he meets and to quickly get to the core of what they are interested in and passionate about and turned it into a career making connections. Today, social connections are an important aspect of doing business that small businesses often lack or ignore. Williams can step in and help businesses understand how being socially connected can truly benefit them, both with new clients and also with media exposure of their brand and company name.

As a child, Williams knew he loved helping people. His entry into “business” came in an unusual way; he began making unique 3-D art pieces, visual representations of familiar things which people enjoyed so much that they paid him money to make their own custom pieces. While he never considered himself an entrepreneur until someone told him he was one, he had a natural feel for creating products that people would buy and enjoy and for making connections and remembering other people’s passions and stories. Williams was even a contestant on “The Apprentice” with Donald Trump about 10 years ago and he was one of the final three left standing. His experiences on “The Apprentice” further cemented his talent for business and for making connections between people and provided the framework he needed in his own mind about how to position and market ideas, turning them into profitable businesses.

Today, Williams works with businesses to help them gain authority as experts in their field. He helps his clients gain media recognition and get featured in major news media outlets such as ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald and more.

Williams explains, “When you’re in business you don’t always get a second chance. The first impression makes a big difference. Today, people are moving at the speed of light and they want to have confidence in what they are about to invest in…credibility is a big asset.”

Patrick Bentley worked with Williams on making social connections and gaining authority for his business. He says, “I was always told that if I wanted to be great surround myself around great people. Craig Williams is a marketing genius and an exceptional creative thinker! He has the ability to analyze your business and provide innovative ideas and strategy to propel your business!”

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