Expert Sales Trainer Charlie Lyons Helps Solo-Preneurs Convert More Prospects Into Clients

Expert sales trainer, Charlie Lyons of Charlie Lyons Consulting, coaches businesses and solo entrepreneurs, (“solo-preneurs”) who want to grow their organization or business. His first priority is to help them generate more qualified leads then convert them into high-paying clients. “Lead Generation is vital to the growth of any organization or business,” says Lyons. “A steady stream of incoming leads is the life-blood of all organizations and businesses.”

“A good lead generation strategy starts with identifying all current marketing campaigns and making an honest assessment of what’s working and what’s not working,” explains Lyons. After the assessment, Lyons determines new benchmarks, creates the best lead generation sales funnel for each client and begins to take that client’s sales to the next level.

Many businesses and solo-preneurs suffer from three common problems: not converting enough prospects into clients, not getting paid the real value of what their expertise is worth and lacking a clearly defined position or message about their services to the marketplace. Lyons works with his clients to address each of these issues in order to improve both their business processes and their profitability.

Francesca Rossellini, PhD, Healer, Founder and CEO at Quantum Healing, Inc. is a client of Charlie Lyons Consulting who has experienced clear results after changing the positioning of her practice in the marketplace. “Charlie Lyons is an amazing business coach!” she exclaims. “As a result of working with him, I doubled my business within 60 days from the time I started. It’s the best decision I’ve made for myself and my practice.”

He also offers the services of his parent company, Alpha Oracle to provide a solid system of implementation services which his coaching clients might need to make their business successful. These services often include lead generation, business development, sales funnel development and a variety of other marketing services both online and offline.

Often, Lyons explains, consultants and coaches are not being paid the true value of their expertise. He works with them to enhance their communication style, delivery, and positioning which in turn helps them increase their business and command even higher fees. To learn more about Charlie Lyons’ business coaching and consulting  visit:

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