Lisa Williams Online Media Strategist Launches New Program to Educate Entrepreneurs’ On How To Get More Exposure and Establish Themselves As An Authority In Their Niche

Lisa Williams, online media strategist and president of Los-Angeles based Local Online Visibility is launching a new area of her business Media Authority Marketing. With more competition than ever in all markets, being seen as the expert or authority may be the determinant in someone choosing to work with a business or not.

Williams has set out to teach entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches and local businesses the benefits of becoming the Authority in their market. Her main focus is teaching them that positioning themselves properly gives them greater credibility and that tipping point to make someone choose them.

Williams will also be educating business professionals on how to become a best-selling author and how becoming a best-selling author can generate more opportunities for speaking engagements, and gaining more customers. Williams believes it is imperative today that business owners differentiate themselves from their competitors and that just being on the first page of Google is not the answer.

To help local business owners and entrepreneurs gain the competitive edge, Williams has announced the launch of a resource to educate business professionals on how they can become the obvious choice to do business with and get beyond being the best kept secret in their industry.

Williams has been supporting local business clients for several years and specializes in creating innovative marketing programs. In announcing her new media marketing approach Williams said, “So many entrepreneurs, and business leaders are top experts in their field but they don’t receive any 3rd party media coverage or exposure that they deserve. There is now a way to gain that celebrity positioning and I look forward to helping increase my client’s professional exposure across all media. When business professionals learn the importance of how creating authority can jump start their business, I’m sure they will be pretty excited about the opportunities.”

According to Williams, “Becoming an authority involves a complete online marketing and media launch, not just being featured in the media and posting logos saying “as seen on NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN”. Those logos get people to listen to you because of the longtime credibility of these media outlets, it establishes some credibility for your  business, but behind the logos what are people going to find about you and your business?  There needs to be specific and ongoing content published about you so when people research you they will want to select you to do business with.”

Authority marketing is becoming well documented. Celebrity broker and star of network TV’s “Shark Tank,” Barbara Corcoran followed this path to success. In fact Corcoran on many occasions has spoken about how she became an authority and the resulting business success because she was seen as the number one expert in her field. “Self promoting through consistent reports to media outlets was the best PR move I’ve ever made,” said Corcoran, ”When you’re constantly quoted as an expert in your field everybody believes that you are.”

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