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Karla Peppas – Teaching Businesses How To Tell Their Story Online

Nashville, TN – Karla Peppas has been a passionate marketer for over a decade. Five years ago she began to focus her energy and attention on online marketing and helping small to medium size businesses around the U.S. grow through the Internet. A native of Mississippi, after graduating from Mississippi State University in 2004, Peppas […]

Why Google Search Results are More Important than Your Resume

When someone recommends a new contractor to you what is the first thing you do? I know, Google them!  We all do it, and you can bet that when someone refers you to another person, or they find your website (usually through Google), the smart consumer will do another Google search about you to see […]

Optimize your YouTube Videos for Search Engines

  YouTube is a great way to attract customers to your brick and mortar store. More and more local business owners are joining in the process. Because of the way Google is handling search, search is becoming more local centric every single day. Posting just YouTube videos may not be enough to get the kind […]

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