The Get Noticed Publishing Group Replaces Small Business SEO with Brand Building

Get Noticed Publishing Group launched their new Get Noticed Brand Building Campaign to help Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs leverage what they already know to be seen as a top person of influence in their industry. Get Noticed Publishing uses local and national media as a platform to ensure their clients’ are properly positioned for maximum effectiveness.

“It’s no secret that many small businesses are finding that they are not getting the results they expected with SEO. A lot of them have paid someone who guaranteed to get them ranked at the top of Google and they are just not happy with the ROI,” said Noble Crawford III, CEO of The Get Noticed Publishing Group, a Dallas based brand marketing firm. “Relying on SEO as your primary online strategy could cost you big time! However, by developing trust in a brand which is enhanced through being seen as a person of influence… the effectiveness of doing THIS, can gain you more credibility that reaches far beyond mere search engine rankings.”

Gary Vaynerchuck, New York Times Best Selling Author and CEO of VaynerMedia reinforces Crawford’s position on the importance of NOT relying on SEO.

Vaynerchuck has said, “Anybody who’s obsessed with SEO has lost already, period.”

“The purpose of the campaign is not meant to have an impact on SEO but to garner recognition for our clients as being seen as leaders in their field,” says Crawford. The Get Noticed Brand Building Campaign is designed to profile small business owners and entrepreneurs who will be interviewed and have their content syndicated to major network affiliates of NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC.

With sales, business development and entrepreneurial experience, Crawford understands the importance of establishing a trustworthy brand and elevating one’s position in a crowded market. Crawford has successfully applied this approach in his own business and has witnessed the successful results of countless others.

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