Los Angeles Video Marketing Expert Amir Harouni Helps Local Businesses Increase Profitability

According to Google, 68% of all traffic for any searches goes to the top four listings on Google search results. That means if you are not at the top, then you are going to miss out on most of the traffic that the search engine can provide.  Search engines are great source to get targeted traffic to your business, but getting to the top of the first page can be extremely difficult.

CEO and video marketing expert from Visible Markets, Amir Harouni, explains, “Video is the best tool to reach those top Google spots fast, and converts more of the customers that see your listing. Having a targeted video ranking at the top of the search engine results will get you more leads and more calls than a website ever could.” Visible Markets is a digital advertising agency with an emphasis on video marketing and video SEO that teaches small businesses how to avoid time consuming and expensive traditional pay-per-click advertising and traditional SEO methods in favor of video marketing combined with specialized video optimization and SEO for videos.

“It is no secret that video converts better than any other media,” Harouni said. “Because Google loves video, they are just looking for any opportunity to put that video in the organic search results. This is why Visible Markets teaches small businesses how to use video to get found online fast.”

Search engines can now use GPS technology to customize search results shown on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Androids. “Video marketing is the best form of marketing for local businesses,” said Harouni.  Video marketing is not geographically limited; works in all cities, big and small so it is an excellent tool for small businesses that need to get found by the local customers who make up the majority of their business. Fred Partiyeli, Owner of XYZ Distributors said, “Amir Harouni is very knowledgeable in his field and he helped us grow our business, doubling it in one year.”

“Amir Harouni is one of the brightest minds in his space,” said Charlie Lyons. “I’ve worked with him on projects in the past. Each time I was impressed with the solutions he came up with to deliver the best results in the shortest time frame. He has integrity and is a professional through and through. I always look forward to discussing marketing strategy with Amir.”

To learn more about Amir Harouni and Visible Markets please visit: http://visiblemarkets.com.