Fundraising Directory Expert Randy Crossman Helps Non-Profits Compare Myriad Of Choices

Randy Crossman, founder of The Fundraising Directory Group, helps Non-profits sort through the many choices for fundraising products.  Organizations can review and compare different fundraising programs by visiting one of several fundraising directories Crossman developed.

“Competition in the fundraising arena is fierce,” Crossman stated.  “With so many products and types of fundraisers in the marketplace today, Non-profit organizations can be overwhelmed with choices.”

International Non-profit organizational development consultant and fundraising trainer, Marc A. Pitman has stated, “The first step in any fundraising effort is to research. By doing research up front, you–or you and your team–will lay a terrific foundation for achieving your goals.”

“One of the problems fundraising organizers face, especially for schools, is they aren’t able to use candy or sweets for fundraising,” said Crossman.  “With my directories, the organizer has the ability to find anything from data storage in the cloud, to candles, I.C.E. KEYTAGS, and so much more in one convenient place. With this info in hand, the organizer can go to their committee and present choices on what would be best for them to use.”

A popular feature of Crossman’s directories is a Free Information Form that facilitates a match between a Non-profit and a fundraising product or specialist in the directory. What differentiates his directories is the inclusion of many product specialists that do not have stand-alone websites.

Fundraising consultants who list their products and services in Crossman’s directories receive leads in real-time.

“The fundraising directory presents the prospective fundraising customer with a friendly user interface that allows them to find the type of fundraiser that they are most interested in,” says Dr. Neil R. Quinn, Jr., Founder and Managing Partner of Charity Mania. “Our fundraisers are unique, so we require quite a few leads in order to generate one customer.  The fund-raising directory has been able to supply us with the leads we require.”

To complete their research, Crossman’s directories contain links to resources, helpful tips and checklists along with tools like an embeddable fundraising thermometer widget to display the fundraiser’s progress on a website or presentation.  His sites include informative articles on how to host a profitable fundraiser, the steps to take for fundraising success and organization specific ideas.

Started in 1999 as a way for Non-profits to find fundraising products, Crossman expanded his fundraising information platforms with a daily newspaper: The Fundraising News Gazette, which features articles about fundraising and charities from around the globe.    

More information about Crossman’s fundraising directories is available at

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