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Sean McCool – Marketing Strategist Unifies Marketing Messages with Profit Funnels

Sean McCool, as mild-mannered as his name, is a marketing and copywriting dynamo who has been generating considerable profits for his business clients for several years. A native Southerner, he has lived and worked all over the United States before settling and residing in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife and children. Sean is in the […]

Karla Peppas – Teaching Businesses How To Tell Their Story Online

Nashville, TN – Karla Peppas has been a passionate marketer for over a decade. Five years ago she began to focus her energy and attention on online marketing and helping small to medium size businesses around the U.S. grow through the Internet. A native of Mississippi, after graduating from Mississippi State University in 2004, Peppas […]

Tom Force – Community Marketing With The Potential To Save Lives

Tom Force lost the chance to say good-bye to his mother in January, 2010 when she suffered a burst aneurysm. Seven hours passed before the family was called, simply because no one knew whom to contact. Tom created I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) Keytags to give first responders the contact information they need to spare […]

Does Google Plus Help Search Results?

  Since the advent of Google, experts have been trying to figure out just how Google figures out its search results. Just when we think we know the way search engine optimization works, Google has an update or changes its algorithm and we’re back to square one trying to figure it out.   Now there’s […]

Marketing Your Business Online with Facebook Timeline

Marketing Your Business Online with Facebook Timeline   If you’re business doesn’t have a presence on Facebook yet, it should. People spend an enormous amount of time on Facebook, and you can get the attention of local people with various activities on Facebook. But, who has the time? An Internet marketing consultant does! You may […]

Integrating QR Codes into your Marketing Campaigns

If you already engage in printed advertising whether magazines, newspapers, or direct mailings, then QR codes are likely for you. Naturally, you’ll need to do some market research in order to ensure that your particular audience will use QR codes. For instance, do they have the technology available to read a QR Code? To make […]

Why Google Search Results are More Important than Your Resume

When someone recommends a new contractor to you what is the first thing you do? I know, Google them!  We all do it, and you can bet that when someone refers you to another person, or they find your website (usually through Google), the smart consumer will do another Google search about you to see […]

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