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In Response To The Bad Economy, Howe Marketing Consultants Announce Service To Help Businesses Increase Conversion In New Progressive Search.

Atlanta, GA. USA. – Howe Marketing Consultants announce their authority marketing system to help small business owners get positioned as the authority in their market and increase their value to generate higher paying customers, patients and clients. “The climate in online search is changing. There is now a secondary search going on after the initial […]

With the Explosion of the Life Coaching Industry, Swan Digital Marketing Announces A New Service That Helps Coaches Stand Out From The Crowd

Carla Smith, Online Marketing Strategist and owner of Swan Digital Marketing in Austin Tx, has added a new service to their Media Marketing arsenal called “Authority Marketing”, which focuses on helping Life Coaches and Motivational Speakers position themselves as leaders and authority figures with near celebrity status in their industry. “One of the main things […]

Due To The Current Economic Conditions, Direct Response Marketing Expert Robert Crotts Announces New Business Service That Assists Businesses In New Customer Acquistion

Greensboro, North Carolina based marketing expert, Robert Crotts, has announced that his firm, Top Methods Marketing, is opening a new division. The new division, named Top Authority Group, specializes in helping small businesses and professionals gain more sales by helping them differentiate themselves in their field by using an exciting business strategy called ‘marketing authority’. […]

2018 Winter Olympics won’t be a Sochi says Online Media Guru Jackie Cooper

2018 Winter Olympics won’t be a Sochi says Online Media Guru Jackie Cooper. With the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics being billed as ‘the most expensive’ ever and certainly earning a reputation for being the most unprepared, they’re a shining example of what not to do. As with most mistakes, those of the Sochi Olympics will […]

Helping Their Professional Clients to Stand Out in the Crowd, Digital Media Storm Focuses on Reputation Marketing

Paul Robertson, noted Online Marketing Strategist and owner of Digital Media Storm, is changing the way that Professionals market themselves on the internet. Digital Media Storm is a highly focused Internet Marketing Agency that spotlights Professionals (Medical Professionals, Attorneys, Architects, Consultants, etc.) and their practices, helping them stand out in their niche and positioning them […]

As Women Like GM CEO Mary Barra Shatter the Glass Ceiling, Karlyn D. Henderson Announces Seminar to Empower Women Leaders to Ask for What They Want

“Countless surveys show women climb the corporate ladder slower and earn less money than men; however, it’s not always about the money, if you know want you want,” says executive leadership development expert, Karlyn D. Henderson, M.A., Managing Partner of Poimena Consulting, LLC, an Atlanta based firm. Launching a new seminar, ‘I Own Your Power,’ Henderson teaches […]

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