Deps P/L of Australia – A Proud User and Supplier of Australian Made PVC Pipe

Deps P/L of Australia, a manufacturer of bore casing , screens and accessories, tries to stop the flow of imported pipe by purchasing pipe and fittings where possible from local manufacturers such as Pipemakers, Vinidex and Iplex so that drillers and the end customer are getting pipes that meet As1477.

By supplying pipes that are made in Australia, the consultant, driller or Engineer know that their criteria for the project is met, and the casing will have the strength to withstand the setting depth or collapse pressure.

Mining engineers and others are more pedantic about meeting the design constraints than ever before.

Kevin Rudd, our ex prime minister, commenting on “The Australia for 2050” report echoes loudly Deps statement  of the importance of having Infrastructure in states  that  plays a key role in long term economic expansion.  Manufacturing plants that are producing quality made Australian  PVC pipes.

The “Australia to 2050” report that was presented by The Hon. Wayne Swan MP, clearly states, “The importance of having businesses grow stronger to build on infrastructure that will support our ageing population in the work force.”

This is why Deps want to support our Australian manufactures, to ensure the quality of materials and delivery times are of a best practice. By using Australian made pipes and products you can guarantee the quality of the product such as AS1477 on PVC. If this was made overseas can you really be assured that it meets the standard as it states?

Many clients need specialized slotting solutions to meet the criteria, this is where Deps can succeed as they can run small specialized jobs, not just the standard ‘one size fits all’ import. The manufacturing and products from Deps, managed by Victor Little, has been delivering this service to drillers, plumbers, engineers, consultants and resellers around the world in many fields for over 20 years. “Victor and his team at DEPS have been providing us with quality PVC screens and casings for a number of years now. No matter the request, it has always been met with a ‘can do’ attitude.”

Whatever your requirements maybe, you can be sure that DEPS will work with you from the start to finish of your project, and beyond” Adrian Plastic Plumbing

“Your pipes are much stronger than the imported ones we are using at the moment, when we push down these imported ones they flex yours don’t, I’d much prefer to use yours.”

Jye – Aqua drilling a division of Boart Longyear

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