New Medical Arts Announces Cost-Effective Brand Development Program for Dentists

Stephen Selzler, Founder of New Medical Arts, introduced the new PracticeCore Brand Development Program as a budget-conscious way to assist start-up dental practices in bringing their core marketing components to life.

“One of the biggest challenges dental start-ups face is securing a way to stand out from their competition,” Selzler said. “Even though most dentists understand the importance of building a brand, logo and website that set them apart, allocating sufficient budget for this amidst overwhelming start-up costs is a whole different story.”

Sergio Zyman, former Coca-Cola CMO, echoes the importance of brand development as a distinguishing factor for a medical practice. “A brand is essentially a container for a customer’s complete experience with the product or company,” Zyman said.

Selzler describes start-up dental practices as a large part of the New Medical Arts client base, either those just completing dental school or dentists leaving an associate position to venture out on their own.

While this can be a very exciting transition, it is also quite expensive. Depending on the market and the size and scope of the practice, new practice build-outs can range from $250,000 to $500,000 or more.

“We built the PracticeCore program specifically so dental brand development wouldn’t become a casualty of the external build-out costs,” Selzler said. “It’s a turn-key, bespoke solution that doesn’t drain our clients from valuable time or budget during the crucial start-up phase.”

The PracticeCore Brand Development Program consists of a logo, branding guide, website and print collateral, all the essential marketing pieces for a dental start-up. Dentists who have completed the PracticeCore program share strong sentiments about the process and final products.

“New Medical Arts made the process easy and fun, and I couldn’t be happier with the brand and materials they’ve created for me,” said Jay Leftwich, DDS. “I feel like their process really captured me and what I’m all about, and they turned it into my brand that I can share with my patients.”

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