Atlanta Authority Marketing Specialist Paul D Lester Helps Business Owners Attain Celebrity Status

Paul D Lester, Owner of Lester Performance Marketing, an Internet Marketing and Consulting Agency that offers service to help business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs create a brand and authority culture as experts in their industry through national media placement.

Lester points out that it’s about much more than just being seen on the internet, it’s about being chosen above all your competitors by positioning yourself as the expert in your filed.

Using Authority Marketing, Lester shows them how to gain national media spotlight exposure. He says, “Authority Marketing leverages knowledge to gain authority status in an industry, then dramatically amplifies a marketing message and quickly converts the new audience into high paying customers.”

Lester goes on to explain, “Consumers are somewhat skeptical of most advertising today but when a business owner is interviewed or featured in a nationally syndicated news article, they are given almost immediate credibility and expert status. They instantly become the ‘go to’ person in their field and you just do not get that type of credibility using conventional or even paid advertising.”

When asked to explain to explain the Authority Marketing Service, we were told it quickly allows you to be positioned as an expert by having your article syndicated out to dozens of authority media sites including ABC,CBS,NBC,and Fox affiliates. This adds to their credibility and sets them apart from their peers,and also allows them to use the coveted phrase ‘as seen on’ in all their marketing.

Brian, of Instantlinkerati, says, “I use this (as seen on) everywhere,it’s the most powerful weapon in my arsenal for getting instant credibility”.

Frank Kern says, “Positioning,most importantly positioning yourself as an authority is the single most important thing you can do to increase your perceived value to the marketplace.”

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