Marketing Consultant Darren Biddle Helps Small Business Owners Become Local ‘Rock Stars’

Darren Biddle, Internet Marketing Strategist and owner of Biddle Consulting, is changing the way that business owners and entrepreneurs market themselves. Biddle Consulting is an Internet Marketing Agency that spotlights business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs to help them to stand out in their industry or niche, positioning them as very best in their field. Biddle points out that it’s more than just being seen on the internet; it’s about being chosen, being seen as the expert in your field.

Small businesses may not have the advertising budget of large business but Biddle shows them how to gain free media spotlight exposure that he says, “can far surpass almost all forms of paid advertising”. Biddle goes on to explain, “Consumers are somewhat skeptical of most advertising but when a business is interviewed or featured in a news article they are given almost instantaneous credibility and expert status or “Rock Star” power in their industry. The business firm or individual becomes the “go to” person in their field. You can’t buy that type of credibility in paid advertising.”

Martin Zwilling and Henry DeVries of Forbes echo this by saying, “Clients want to hire the authority in the field. Your goal should be to become one of the most sought-after authority in your field. Look like an expert with interviews.”

When asked to explain the Authority Spotlight Service. We were told it teaches business how to easily get featured on media sites such as ABC, FOX and NBC giving them the ability to stand out as the authority in their industry. Biddle then helps show clients the best ways to leverage media exposure such as having your business use “as seen on CNN” which also adds to their credibility and sets them apart from their peers.

Brian of Instantlinkerati says, “I use this (‘as seen on’) everywhere. It’s the most powerful weapon in my arsenal for getting instant credibility.”

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