Troy Pesola Relaunches MobiusLife to Help Wellness Businesses Grow

MobiusLife has been relaunched to help wellness professionals find more customers, keep them longer, and help improve their wellness during a time of dramatically increasing healthcare costs.

Individuals and employers are recognizing the need to refocus on wellness; wellness professionals have a huge potential to help transform consumers’ focus.

In the book The Next Trillion, author Paul Zane Pilzer explains, “consumers will turn away from consuming more material goods and instead … create a virtually limitless and sustained demand for wellness-based products”.

Senator Tom Harkin agrees, “It’s time to transform America into a genuine wellness society, shifting the focus from patching people up after they get sick to keeping them healthy in the first place.”

With increasing costs of healthcare, wellness businesses have a huge opportunity to step in to help individuals live healthier lives. To do so wellness professionals must be able to earn trust as people search for alternative solutions.

Wellness professionals can build that trust by establishing their authority through strategic media placement. That trust is initially earned by expressing how they help improve the lives of their patients on prominent media websites. By establishing their wellness authority they not only gain trust from individuals searching for providers, they also unlock the doors of opportunity for additional press coverage.

The relaunch of MobiusLife provides coaching and consulting based on Troy Pesola’s business and professional career spanning more than 25 years. “Troy brings … a personality that encourages transparency and enthusiasm combined with a solid foundation in principle and implementation” – Steve from EMPI

“I am impressed on how well Troy can engage and empower others to get things done.” – Joe from The Navigators

“Troy is never satisfied with the ‘status quo’ and continually is looking for ways to improve. Troy has been effective as a ‘change agent’.” – Dave from StorageTek

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