Video Marketer Craig Ure Transforms Medcial Practices Into Local Celebrities

Craig Ure has been educating small businesses owners in the aesthetic industry on how to grow their business with online and offline marketing for more than 20 years. His company, Rejuvenetix Industries, specializes in the creation of “authority reputation” for doctors, plastic surgeons, medical spa owners and other medical practices. Authority reputation management helps these high profile clients establish themselves as a top expert in their field and specialty.

Ure’s business background is in creating a large family-owned empire of health clubs and spas in Europe with more than 3000 locations. Ure sold his businesses in the United Kingdom and came to the United States and became a well-known trade show speaker, educating business owners in the aesthetic industry about marketing strategy. Soon client-demand led him to launch a full service marketing agency.

Ure has specialized in video marketing for nearly 30 years. Ure explains, “In the 1980s, health clubs had a reputation that only fit women and ‘Jane Fonda types’ would go there and take classes. We went in and shot video of real classes and focused on showing potential customers the wide variety in the age and size of women using the health clubs and taking classes to overcome the stereotype.”

Today, video marketing is still the number one strategy he recommends to his clients. “Video separates businesses from the crowd and more than that, it establishes my client and their business as true experts in their field and industry, while also building a relationship with the customer from the very beginning. Video is a visual testimonial; it offers real social proof about my client’s and their services. People will see a video of a testimonial and then they say ‘that doctor must be good, look at all these people they’ve helped!’ It’s that recognition that helps establish a solid reputation as an expert.”

The number one problem that Ure’s clients have when they first come to Rejuvenetics Industries is that they are confused and overwhelmed by all of the social media and marketing choices available to them. “I spend a lot of time really getting to know my client’s needs, so that I can guide them through the sea of options to the exact services that will reach their target market. My role is often one of educating small businesses about their options. Small businesses often lack confidence; they get caught up in other’s opinions or try to save money going with unprofessional individuals and don’t get the results they expect,” explained Ure. “I’m helping them avoid all that and choose instead to focus on helping them build up a solid 5-star reputation.”

Ure has helped physicians establish a solid reputation and become known as an expert in their field which has helped them find new clients. Dr. Michel Greenspan said, “Working with Craig Ure [Rejuvenetix Industries] has been instrumental in growing our two businesses. We’ve tracked the promotions, the response rates and he’s been responsible for at least 28 percent of our growth. His creative ideas are strategically effective, way out of the box sometimes, which has been so useful to beat out our competition.”

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, “Craig is a marketing genius. Video marketing and his strategies have afforded me to expand from one floor to three floors of my plastic surgeon practice.”

Rejuvenetix Industries has offices in Birmingham, UK; Margate, Florida; and Cebu, Philippines. To learn more about Craig Ure and Rejuvenetix Industries Inc visit: and