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Linda Liberatore Keeps DIY Real Estate Investors From Receiving Middle-of-the-Night Calls

Linda Liberatore is making DIY property investors more productive and reducing headaches. Liberatore runs a unique property management business called My Landlord Helper that acts as “a conduit between small, first-time real estate investors and their tenants.” With a business that facilitates rent collection and communications, Liberatore’s team does almost everything short of completely managing […]

Marijo Wilson Ph.D. Helps Women Become Self-Sufficient with Tax Lien Investing

Marijo Wilson is a woman who earned the ‘doctor’ that precedes her name. She not only has a B.S. in Biology from Western Illinois University but also an M.S. in Entomology and a Ph.D. in Microbiology from Kansas State University. Before becoming a business owner, she became the first female faculty member in the Department […]

Etherty A Blockchain Startup Set To Change Global Real Estate

Whether someone is an investor building up a portfolio, a newlywed buying their first home, a person building up capital for their ultimate retirement home, or someone building up a secondary investment to gain a steady monthly rental income, there are plenty of reasons to invest in the property market. But the cost of entry […]

Gary Monfeli, Founder of The Home Inspection Man, Speaks on Business Innovators Radio

Since 2000, Gary Monfeli, a licensed home inspector, has been inspecting homes through his company The Home Inspection Man. He not only enjoys helping others but he loves teaching others about issues they may have and reassuring them that every problem can be fixed. Gary was interviewed by Alicia Dibrell-Williams on Business Innovators Radio where […]

Real Estate Expert Billy Alt Shares His Insights on Business Innovators Radio

From the Marine Corps to Real Estate to Entrepreneurship, Billy Alt shares his journey as host Alicia Dibrell-Williams interviews him on Business Innovators Radio. More specifically, the discussion consisted on Billy’s wisdom about the real estate industry as he shared his thoughts and perspectives on the Las Vegas market. Billy is educated in every aspect […]

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