Linda Liberatore Keeps DIY Real Estate Investors From Receiving Middle-of-the-Night Calls

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Linda Liberatore is making DIY property investors more productive and reducing headaches.

Liberatore runs a unique property management business called My Landlord Helper that acts as “a conduit between small, first-time real estate investors and their tenants.” With a business that facilitates rent collection and communications, Liberatore’s team does almost everything short of completely managing the property, leaving that responsibility to the investor.

“This model generally appeals to people who are in a growth mode, and they’re building a portfolio,” Liberatore says. “So, most clients come to us with a specific amount, and their goal is to double or triple that, and they don’t want to give away that power as they’re acquiring new property. They need a partnership, somebody to help them get there because they may not be ready to hire full-time staff.”

Liberatore is a 20+ year veteran who speaks around the country. When it comes to her personal investments, Liberatore is often asked to speak on the changes in real estate for renters compared to homeowners, for both millennials and seniors alike. She shares stories from her first experience as a first-time homeowner and the many things she learned from it.

“My first house with my husband was a bungalow outside of the city of Chicago. Bungalows are a big house type here with separate entrances, separate kitchens, and a small unit in the basement. We were able to rent that for like half our mortgage. I would say now, being as close and intimate as I am to investing, I wish we would have held on to that first property.”

Liberatore helps investors from all backgrounds and also lends a hand to underrepresented groups, namely women who are entering the world of investing, something she is very optimistic about.

“I think that the real estate investment field still has a greater majority of men than women, but I certainly have seen the face of that change. I see more and more women at the conferences I attend.”

In addition to teaching about the overall ins and outs of real estate investing, Liberatore has an interest in merging modern technology with real estate and is drawn to helping investors who are self-managing their property, seeing growth and turning to software but feeling confused.

“We have to be very precise in our productivity because our business motto is not people that want to pay full service. We’re very mindful of that, and we’re also very mindful of a landlord’s point of view. And I think all too often full service doesn’t see it that way.

“It’s very, very difficult job. Like you want to keep the tenant, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. Our edge with technology, we understand that those small offices are so busy doing their day to day they don’t even understand what the software does. And that’s where I’ve been doing AI research, so I understand exactly what’s going on.”

One of the services Liberatore’s company wants to offer is a hotline for DIY landlords looking for direction in the investing process. 

“The idea is, we would have monthly calls and specific topics they could sign up for.”

Currently, Liberatore enjoys working as an educator and advocate for real estate investing. Whether she’s speaking at real estate events, writing books, guesting on podcasts or networking, she’s determined to share the joys and freedoms of real estate with new investors.

“I love that my business subconsciously is to empower people. I’m really about technology and training,” Liberatore says, explaining how her passion eventually fell into helping women in investing. She encourages professionals not to feel threatened by technology but to leverage it for their benefit.

“With the AI, everybody’s afraid that they’re going to lose their job. And I believe it’s just opposite. I believe you should embrace those things just like you do a spreadsheet.

“Try to imagine where you’d be without that spreadsheet, and I think that’s really the impact. I’d like to take it to the students and say, ‘Look at this as not just what I’ve done. This is what 20 other women have done, you know?’”

Liberatore hopes to use her knowledge of technology and real estate to create an easy-access tool that will make DIY investors and property managers more productive and provide necessary investing information at their fingertips. She will also be a contributor to an upcoming book offering influential advice and insight into the real investing process.

In her newest project, an upcoming book Wealth For Women: Conversations with the Team That Creates the Dream, scheduled for release in the fall of 2018, she shares the benefit of investors with less than 10 properties leveraging her services. To learn more about Linda Liberatore and My Landlord Helper, visit

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