Mike Mereiter Shares Interesting Facts about Landscaping in Incite Media’s Business Innovators Radio Show

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Mike Mereiter was the valued guest in a recently broadcasted episode of the popular webcast from Incite Media, Business Innovators Radio Show. Hosted by the bestselling author Alicia Dibrell, this widely followed series features insightful interviews with industry innovators and trendsetters. Mike Mereiter is a highly experienced landscaping specialist, helping home and business owners design their perfect space through his business Unique Landscaping.

Following the customary introduction of the guest, Mike started by sharing a few interesting facts about his past and how he got into the profession of landscaping. He was intrigued by the construction industry from a very young age and this interest inspired him to start landscaping and lawn mowing right after his high school, Mike said. Having spent eighteen years in this industry, Mike is now the President of Unique Landscaping. Through this business, he offers a wide array of services including landscape designing, shrub trimming and pruning, plant installation and selection, new lawn installs, mulching and trimming, sod lawns, and tree and bed planting.

Throughout the interview, Mike was questioned on several aspects of working with his clients to achieve the perfect space for them. Mike mentions that his company works with all types of clients regardless of whether the client has too much available space or no place whatsoever.  The company follows a structured process where they do not just show up and leave the clients on their own after the installations.

“We start off with doing an analysis of the area, kind of seeing what performs the best in the soil that you have. Then we have basically a whole process on how we do our install and that’s really what we’ll give you the optimal results.” Mike said. “We’ll give you the processes to follow for watering maintenance instructions on how does care and fertilize the lawn to get an optimal growth and it’s really why a lot of our customers go with us is because we get all that back end support after the project is installed.”

Mike mentioned that listening to the customers is an important virtue that is lacking in many of today’s landscaping businesses. He also said that this is one of the biggest factors that his company brings to the table.

Homeowners and businesses looking for an experienced landscaping service may contact Mike via his website http://www.uniquelawn.com/. The company has recently introduced a virtual consultation service that provides the freedom and flexibility most people need these days.

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