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Multifamily apartment real estate investor James Kandasamy now has a new feather in his cap. His popular book titled “Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate: The Insider Secrets to Achieve Financial Independence” has recently become the number one bestseller in Amazon US and Canada. This book has received strong recommendations from the readers as a must read for passive investors aspiring to make it big in syndicated commercial real estate investments.  

James has written the book specifically for commercial real estate investors interested in finding out the insider secrets related to getting started with investment, different aspects of real estate deals, market cycles, risk management,  investment process, selection deal sponsors, capital sources, investment metrics, and much more. The book is available in paperback, audible, as well as Kindle versions.

“I have been a real estate investor for quite some time in several multifamily deals and single family properties. I wish I had the information presented in this book before I invested in my multifamily deals,” stated an impressed user in his Amazon review. “Deal evaluation chapter clearly lays out how to pick or pass a multifamily deal in simple terms. If you are wondering about IRR and other metrics, this book will explain to you. Some very valuable information on using funds from IRA and QRP is also included.”

“Mr. Kandasamy has really shared his experience and insider information in a very simple fashion. I have purchased a lot of books in this space and this one is the best,” the reviewer added.

Interestingly, James started off nowhere close to real estate investment, with a career in engineering. He is a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Hons) from Science University of Malaysia and MBA from the University of South Adelaide (Australia). At present, with over six years of real estate experience, he is the principal in Achieve Investment Group.

James Kandasamy is a renowned multifamily operator, with over four years of experience in this space. He has made a name for himself in the industry by virtue of his creative marketing tactics that are proven to motivate the sellers and unlock hidden value in multifamily operations. Till date, he has identified, underwritten and overseen the acquisition process of over $100 m of quality multifamily investments. He has also led passive investors to an average IRR of more than 20% in past deals.     

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