Chimene Van Gundy, The Queen of Mobile Homes, Provides Affordable Real Estate Investment Opportunities

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Mobile Home Investor Chimene Van Gundy is on a mission to help single professionals gain financial independence.

Van Gundy is a real estate investor who focuses on fixing and flipping mobile homes. She also sells mobile homes wholesale and offers turnkey passive investment opportunities that anyone can invest in with an average 12% rate of return.

“I have about 50 investors that I’ve worked with,” Van Gundy explains, “so it’s all turnkey, and then I am also in Ireland. I’ve already been able to take it international in less than three years really.”

Van Gundy started out like most investors—working a 9‒5 in the corporate world with a degree completely unrelated to investing, business, or finance. When she was laid off from her job, Van Gundy read the Purple Bible (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) at the suggestion of a friend and decided to take a course led by Kim Kiyosaki.

“I didn’t have any formal education in that nobody taught me about FICO scores and real estate. I didn’t know any of it.”

Van Gundy still remembers the four words that changed her life and gave her the confidence to pursue real estate investing full-time. She was at home telling her husband about a three-day investing course that she wanted to attend for Mother’s Day.

“He said four words I’ll never forget: ‘I believe in you.’ My husband was the first person ever to tell me that he believed in me. I just really can’t describe what that did; that lit a fire in me.”

The mother of five is candid about growing up in the foster care system and experiencing a previous divorce. It’s a crucial part of her story that drives her interest in empowering women to generate income through mobile home investing—an area of investing with a much lower entry point. She speaks often to college students, single mothers, and young families who are interested in earning additional passive income.

“I’ve also had investors who use their IRAs and grow their portfolios in their IRAs because getting a 12 percent return is way better than getting a 6 or 8 percent return.”

Van Gundy believes that real estate investing can be a great way to relieve the stress and time consumption that comes with holding a demanding position in a company.

“There’s a lot of executives that have good jobs, and they’re slaves to their jobs. I mean, having a corporate executive job makes you a slave to those jobs. I know that there’s a ton of people out there that have money who I can help.”

One of the ways Van Gundy helps investors is through her course, “Mobile Home Millions,” where she teaches individuals about wholesaling. Many of her students come from all walks of life. Coming from a senior management background herself, Van Gundy understands the demands of those roles and what challenges professionals face that real estate investing can combat.

“A lot of them will always tell you there’s never enough time and money, but I’m set up to take credit cards too. I’m one of these people where I’m going to make sure that if I have students, they are going to be successful.

“I have a client that I helped in Arizona, and we made them $3,500 in three hours by selling a mobile home, and I did it over the phone.”

Van Gundy is also experienced in helping clients to understand the working of wholesaling that most real estate investors don’t tell you about.

“A lot of people lose their deals because they don’t use a certain non-circumvention agreement, but that locks them in for two years, meaning they can’t go with somebody else for two years on that deal. I’ve never had those issues wholesaling because I use a non-circumvention agreement. So, there’s a lot of things that I have in my toolbox that are kind of golden nuggets nobody else is using.”

Through her affordable coaching program, Van Gundy helps new investors learn how to get started in mobile home investing, even if they don’t have a lot of funding to start with.

“It gets started off with a minimum of $16,000 to invest, and that’s it. I make a lot of money on selling mobile homes, and it’s easy—you can all do it on apps. You don’t even have to physically walk it. You can do it off of apps every day and make three to five thousand a day wholesaling mobile homes if you know how to do it,” Van Gundy says.

Her newest project, where she shares the benefit of investing in mobile homes, is an upcoming book Wealth For Women: Conversations with the Team That Creates the Dream, which is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2018.  To learn more about Chimene, visit

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