Multifamily Syndication Guru Vinney Chopra becomes Number One Amazon Bestseller

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Well-known multifamily investor, educator, podcaster, and motivator Vinney Chopra has recently added yet another feather to his hat. His recently launched real-estate guide “Apartment Syndication Made Easy: A Step by Step Guide” has received an exceptional response from the readers in the US, UK, and Canada. In the US, the book is currently a #1 Amazon bestseller in as many as six categories in the US. It is also a bestseller in Amazon UK and Amazon Canada.

A strong believer in the power of positive thought and selfless actions, Vinney Chopra’s life has been a highly inspiring rags to riches story. Forty years ago, he arrived in the United States from India with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and just seven dollars in his pocket. In an unknown country and with limited resources, he completed a Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing and Advertising. Following this, he started his career as a motivational speaker and fundraiser. 

Four decades down the line, Vinney currently manages four successful companies including Moneil Investment Group, Moneil Management Group, Multifamily Academy and Youth Academy with a dedicated staff of sixty plus personnel.  Over the years, he has developed multifamily syndication strategies that have worked wonders for his clients. He has also featured in seventy-plus podcasts focused on multifamily syndication. 

Vinney Chopra’s new book “Apartment Syndication Made Easy: A Step by Step Guide” is a concise account of the author’s journey from $7 to $250 million. In this book, the readers will find a step by step guide on how to make apartment syndication easy and take a business to the next level. 

A highly impressed reader mentions in his Amazon review, “I’ve been following Vinney for a number of years now. When I first heard about him I was curious if he was like some of those gurus who make money selling products and not actually doing what they preach. I was excited and surprised to find that Vinney is the real deal. He has successfully managed and funded over 300 mil in deals. My family, friends and I have now invested in some of his deals and have made great money but what’s better is we’ve learned a ton along the way. Vinney is a very open and approachable guy with the upmost integrity and a work ethic that is rare in these times. You will learn a ton from this book that is a guarantee. Enjoy and thanks for reading.” 

Anyone looking to find out more about Vinney Chopra’s proven apartment syndication strategies can purchase the book in Kindle or Paperback versions in Amazon. Vinney Chopra can also be contacted via his website and social media platforms.  

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