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God Made Millionaire – A Beacon Of Hope In A Global Recession

On November 26th 2001, TC and Vickie Bradley, made a simple business decision that would be the seeds of establishing what they believe will be a global empire. They registered the domain name “I simply do not believe that there are any ‘self-made millionaires,’ ” says Bradley. “The term self-made millionaire is a lie […]

Metabolic Sports Nutritionist Isaac Calvert Educates Using Exercise And Nutrition

Isaac Calvert has been in the Health and Fitness profession for six years which makes him a veteran in an industry where the standard retention rate of Personal Trainers is around three months. Calvert is one of only fifty Level 4 Metabolic Precision Qualification experts in the world which makes him an Advanced Fitness Professional […]

Suzanne Perazzini Launches New Low Fodmap Diet Coaching For IBS

Long time IBS-sufferer, Suzanne Perazzini, has created the Inspired Life Low Fodmap Diet coaching program to help fellow IBS sufferers lead a normal, pain-free life. “I lived my life for nearly two decades dealing with the pain and discomfort of IBS. The Low Fodmap diet eliminated my problems. I created the Inspired Life Low Fodmap […]

Ted Murray Explains How Sports Impact Education And Leadership

Author, speaker and coach, Ted Murray knows how to bring out the best in others. For over four decades he has coached future Olympic and grand slam tennis champions worldwide. Now he is the Executive Director of the Tennis Legacy Fund (TLF), a not for profit organization working with Tennis and athletic clubs worldwide to […]

Gabrielle Paoli, Energy Healer And Psychotherapist Explains The Benefits Of Grounding

Gabrielle Paoli, a well-known Energy Healer and Psychotherapist, explains the importance of being grounded, and why and when we should practice it. Paoli explains, “When we ground ourselves, we improve our physical and emotional health and consequently our life experiences. When we are ungrounded we feel unstable, unable to think clearly, detached and at risk of […]

A Method To Make The Consciousness Shift From “Me” To “We”

Relationship expert, author and consultant Wendy Foxworth, MML, knows how to support people in a fantastic new model of behavior called the “WeWay.” This new model was birthed as a solution for many of the challenges facing humanity today and is based on her twenty five years experience as a spiritual teacher and relationship coach. […]

Beyond Work-Life Balance, Laurin Seiden Wants You To Thrive In This Life

Balance is about maintaining the status quo. It’s an inherently limiting concept. That’s why Laurin Seiden, lifestyle designer and founder of New You Development, helps women move beyond the limited view of a work-life balance and towards redesigning and rejuvenating their lives. She helps women discover the clarity they need to find more energy and […]

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