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Rahim Bhimani: A Rising Star in the Auto Industry

Rahim Bhimani, the General Manager of Motorvation Trucks, is quickly becoming a rising star in the auto industry. His inspiring journey from a car washer to a General Manager is not only a testament to his hard work and determination but also an inspiration to others looking to make their mark in the industry.   […]

All I Want is Jesus and…

I was 18 when I became a Christian. Like many young Christians in the early 2010s, I found myself swept up in a large church that had enough ongoing community groups, Bible studies, and sports teams that the church bulletin couldn’t possibly hold it all (yeah, we still had church bulletins). Between work and college, […]

Why Mentoring Shouldn’t Be Intimidating

I did not aspire to be involved in mentoring. In fact, if mentoring had been a conscious choice, I would have run as far from it as possible. But God graciously pulled me into beautiful relationships, involving both formal and informal mentoring. I’d had the misconception that mentoring involved either being an expert or wanting […]

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