God Made Millionaire TV with TC Bradley: Inspiring Stories of Faith-Based Entrepreneurs Who Activated Their God-Given Dreams

“God Made Millionaire TV with TC Bradley” is a nationally syndicated television show that highlights the stories of faith-based entrepreneurs who activated their God-given dreams against all odds. The show, which is now in its fourth season, airs twice a day, Monday through Friday, on the GEB Network at 6 AM EST and 11:30 AM EST on DirecTV Channel 363.

Hosted by author, speaker, and business coach TC Bradley, the show features inspiring guests who share their stories of how they overcame obstacles and achieved success through faith and perseverance. From business owners to authors, non-profit founders to music producers, the show celebrates the diverse paths that faith-driven individuals take to achieve their goals and fulfill their God-given purpose.

“Our show is all about sharing the inspiring stories of those who have activated their God-given dreams, and how faith played a critical role in their journey,” said TC Bradley. “Through our platform, we hope to inspire and encourage our viewers to take bold steps towards their own dreams and know that with faith, anything is possible.”

God Made Millionaire TV with TC Bradley has featured a wide range of guests, including the founder of a non-profit organization for children in need, a successful business owner who started her company from her kitchen table, and a music producer who overcame a debilitating injury to pursue his passion. The show is a testament to the power of faith, and how it can transform lives and businesses.

“We believe that there is no such thing as a self-made millionaire, and that all wealth ultimately comes from God,” added Bradley. “Our show is a celebration of the amazing things that can happen when we put our faith in action and trust in God’s plan for our lives.”

For more information about God Made Millionaire TV with TC Bradley, visit www.godmademillionaire.com.



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