Relationship Expert Daphna Levy Reveals Why Modern Marriage Is A Crapshoot And How To Not Become A Divorce Statistic

Relationship Expert, Author and Life Coach Daphna Levy recently released a new book, Picking Right: The Single’s Guide to Finding the Right Match. It is the first in a series covering the gamut of relationships: from how to find one’s match, how to maintain a relationship, through how to salvage one when it has gotten off the rails.

When asked why she wrote Picking Right, Levy explained, “Although many people come to me for career and personal development, I often find that relationships stand in the way of their success. Relationship issues provide distractions, which prevent them from focusing on their goals, on what they really want to achieve, sometimes really hampering them in their ability to be successful.” She adds, “When I encounter a relationship that is beyond repair, beyond salvage, it usually started with a poor match: they picked wrong in the first place.”

“We tend to ignore signs of trouble,” says Levy. “For instance, the new mate might have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, or children from previous relationships he or she is neglecting. These are red flags; not to mention people who get involved with someone who is already in a relationship. It seldom occurs to such people that they have not found the ‘faithful type’ until they themselves are betrayed later on.”

Levy provides what she calls “Three Vital Rules for Picking Right”. “If you are driven, motivated and a ‘go-getter’ you have to pick someone who is similar, otherwise you will drive each other crazy. Secondly, if you are quick to think and act you will be unhappy with a mate who is indecisive or slow. Third, your goals must not be in conflict with each other. For example, if he wants a large family and she wants a career as a ballet dancer, they are probably incompatible. Love can only carry a relationship for so long before an inability to realize your own goals will get in the way,” she adds.

According to a 2012 U.S. Census Bureau survey, 41% of first marriages end in divorce as well as 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages. “This is evidence that people do not have sound criteria for picking right,” says Levy. She believes that the Three Vital Rules as well as other principles in her book hold promise for relationship longevity and success.

Marriage Counselor Debbie Collins writes in an Amazon review, “Great book for picking a partner. Written so it’s easy to read and apply to your own life or to help another with theirs. Every so often there are exercises you can do so that you can really use the data.”

Bestselling author Gladys Matar calls Picking Right the “missing link” in its field. “Many books on the shelf deliver their messages with ‘proofs and evidences’ which is very good. But Ms. Levy’s book has more. It is unique among other books of the same kind for one specific reason: she gives you exercises on how to detect toxic mates, as she describes them in her book, how to gain clarity on your vision for everlasting and ideal relationship, and much more. In brief, she defines ‘love’ from scratch so you can build your future relationship on a completely different basis,” she adds.

Born and raised in Israel, Levy knew from a young age that she wanted to help people. She received her education as a Life Coach through training and experience on three continents – having lived and studied in Israel, the United States and South Africa. She began her career in 1986 and has since helped thousands of people through lectures, seminars and one-on-one Coaching as well as hosted her own live radio show for three years. She has been married to her native Los Angeleno husband for nearly thirty years.

Daphna Levy’s offices are located at: 424 N. Lake Ave., Suite 303, Pasadena, CA, 91101. To schedule an appointment call (626) 888-7759. Learn more about her new book, Picking Right at: Visit for more information.