Celebrity Beauty Expert Lakisha Evans Inspires The Everyday Woman To Feel The Glam

Having worked with celebrities like America’s Next Top Model contestant Raelia Lewis and singer Gean Baylor of the R&B group Zhane, Lakisha Evans has gained her own celebrity status as the go-to makeup artist. Lakisha has been using her creative side and talents for makeup artistry since 2007. Even though she has worked with celebrities, her main focus is helping the everyday woman look naturally beautiful and feel the glam.

She’s dedicated to helping women look great on special days like a festive wedding, for a night out on the town or just at work. Wearing the right makeup just helps one feel more confident. As a matter of fact, Lakisha stated in a recent interview, “Any type of makeup just really boosts your confidence. It’s more pleasing in the eyesight of people,” she says. “Harvard did a study of women in the workforce. They actually get promoted more when they wear makeup and the ones that didn’t wear makeup were not promoted as often.” Emma Leslie, Beauty Editor at escentual.com, agrees with Lakisha’s feeling about women wearing makeup to work with her statement, “Whether rightly or wrongly, British bosses clearly think that keeping up appearances at work is an important factor for female staff if they want to get on in their career.”

Lakisha uses the same airbrush makeup on her everyday clients as she does her celebrity clients. Everyday women can wear the same great look as many of the stars on TV. She uses Temptu S/B makeup that is waterproof and non-transferable. She also lashes up ladies with eyelash extensions. These synthetic lashes look like the real thing and last from six to eight weeks along with being comfortable. It’s also a hot beauty trend.

This celeb makeup artist keeps abreast of all the beauty trends. According to Lakisha, the big color for this upcoming fall season is blue. “I wouldn’t really advise blue lipstick unless you’re going to some type of event or fashion show, but we can wear hues of blues on our eyes,” she says. “Just a pop of color, you can have a neutral eye and wear blue under the eye. And if you’re bolder, you can just put on blue eye shadow all over your lids. So, either way, you’re good to go.” Brush on some blue eye shadow to match the new trend in blue and black coats for fall 2014.

To help mainstream women rev up their look, Lakisha is using technology. She recently revealed, “The studio just started a YouTube channel. It is ‘Feel the Glam,’ where we will be giving all types of tutorials and offering reviews. Right now that would be a great place to keep up with Feel the Glam.”

For more information, you can also connect with Lakisha Evans on Facebook and on Instagram (LakishaEvansMUA).