Varant Majarian Is Changing Publishing One Author At A Time

Varant Majarian is an Author turned Public Speaker and Publisher. After seeing first-hand the lack of passion, dedication, and commitment large publishing companies have for their clients, Majarian decided to break away and start his own eBook publishing company. “It started when I wrote my first book, ‘Finding Your Own Way Toward Success’,”  he recounts. By the time he had ten books on the market, “I realized that my publisher was making 80% in royalties while I was getting only 20%. You do your work, write the book and the publisher makes 80%, so I said to myself, ‘I could do this.’ So I started my own publishing company where I give the author 70% and I only keep 30%.”

Majarian prides himself on offering the best possible service to his authors. He doesn’t want them to go through the same experiences he did working with large publishers who just don’t care. “They get their money, go to editing, and that’s it. Many of the publishing companies just like to grab their money and run away, but with us, we go step-by-step to make the manuscript perfect from both ends.”

What matters most to Majarian, even more than selling his own business, is making sure today’s authors know they have a choice. “Many authors like to go with a brand name and not with a mom and pop publisher. They think big companies are going to help them sell a lot [of copies], but at the end of the day, any publishing company could make their book sell.” He explains how the smaller publishing companies will give their authors more time, attention, and support. Another option available to authors is self-publishing on sites like Amazon CreateSpace.  The benefit, Majarian explains, is that the author now becomes a publisher and an author, but they have to figure out how to navigate that process and many times become overwhelmed.

What Majarian Publishing offers is dedication to their authors and 100% support. They offer two packages: Package one includes copy editing, personalized author support, trademark and copyright registration. Package two includes copy editing, personalized author support, trademark and copyright registration, as well as promotional media which is filmed in a professional studio.

Majarian is very adamant that, “We do not just publish anyone. We have unique stories. A story that is touching, that is going to be New York Times Best Seller.” He believes everyone has a story to tell, but the best ones come from the heart. “Whatever you write has to come from the heart. It’s not [necessarily] a perfect book. You are not going to have a perfect book. You have to sit down and say let it be.”

The stories he is most interested in publishing are those about self-help and personal development, especially in the sense of escaping the traditional 9 to 5. “I don’t believe in working 9-5 for someone and making your employer wealthy.” This philosophy is at the heart of why Majarian started his own publishing company. He wants authors to create something real and passionate, and then he wants to reciprocate that passion and empower them to continue creating. With his parting words, Majarian adds, “We have an amazing editing and support team to edit your book to perfection. I am dedicated, I was born inspired, and when I am inspired I’m like a firecracker. I go to work for you.”

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