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Michael Tamez Honored As The 7th Annual 2016 International Book Award Finalist

Author and Holistic Health Coach, Michael Tamez, was selected as the 7th annual 2016 International Book Award Finalist for his book, “Transformative Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living.” The International Book Award’s (IBA) distinguished panel of industry judges considered over 1,500 entries from authors and publishers around the world. The IBA recognizes […]

Film And Business Entrepreneur Chad T. Collins On New Movie ‘Rise To The Top’

The documentary film ‘Rise To The Top’ is a collection of interviews from top industry professionals who have risen to the top of their marketplaces. Visionary and inspiring, the contributors offer insights and innovations into such topics as standing out against the competition, raising fees and never having to compete on price, becoming the expert […]

Dean Renfro Publishes The Official Nana And PawPaw Making Memories Starter Guide

Dean Renfro is CEO of Business Profits Academy, a coaching and consulting business designed to help small businesses generate more leads and make more profits. He is also a husband, father, pastor and grandfather and is passionate about helping individuals and families capture their life stories, moments, precious memories and the share then with generations […]

Back Pain In The Office

One of the worst effects of sitting at a desk job is back pain. Sitting for long periods of time can worsen already existing back pain, and can even cause back problems for those who have no pre-existing problems. When you sit in a stationary position long periods, your muscles become contracted and with time […]

How To Avoid Back Pain At Your Desk Job

Desk Job Hazards Sitting at the desk for extended periods can end up causing lower back pain and aches. At the same time, it may worsen an existing back pain problem. The main reason behind this is, while sitting at the desk you have to keep a static posture that increases stress in the back. […]

What 26 Professionals Have Done To Get Media Attention

Getting information out to the world requires facts and expert opinions. This is the same for journalists, reporters, radio show hosts, and bloggers alike. Many good news pieces include a quote by an expert on the subject backing the information. Professionals who are  interviewed or quoted in these articles can benefit from this recognition. One […]

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