Insights from an Interview: A Concise Introduction to Transformative Strategies with Mindset Coach Titus Jordan

In this interview, Mindset Coach Titus Jordan discusses the principles and strategies that bring transformation in people’s lives. With a deep understanding of personal growth and development, Titus shares insights into how individuals can overcome challenges, discover their authentic selves, and unleash their full potential. From the importance of listening to one’s body and trusting intuition to the power of shifting perspectives and embracing discomfort, Titus offers valuable guidance on the transformative journey toward a more fulfilling and joyful life. Join us as we delve into the wisdom and strategies that can empower individuals to break free from limitations and create lasting change. 

-Begin Interview-

 Can you provide an overview of Glow Growth and how you assist your clients? 

Glow Growth and Development was established in 2018 when I had a profound personal realization. Growing up, I had always been conscious of my mental, physical, and spiritual self. However, it was when I connected with my heart that I experienced a transformational understanding. During that time, my marriage was struggling, and I had been emotionally withdrawn. Seeking to improve the relationship, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery that ultimately led me to rediscover myself. 

My primary focus is helping individuals who feel dissatisfied or frustrated, often expressing these emotions through anger or behaviors that don’t align with their true selves. I firmly believe that every person has an inherent capacity for joy, peace, love, and happiness. However, external influences like social norms, family beliefs, and living out of alignment with one’s true essence can trigger frustration and anger. When working with someone, my aim is to guide them in realizing that these external factors do not define their true identity. I firmly believe that all the answers reside within each individual. As a facilitator, my role is to assist them on a journey of self-discovery, enabling them to tap into their own potential. 

Once this inner realization occurs, individuals gain the power to take action and address the challenges they face. It empowers them to lead lives that are more abundant and joyful, rather than being trapped in frustration, impatience, or anger. While the specific manifestations of frustration may differ among clients, the underlying principle remains the same. By exploring their inner selves and finding their own answers, individuals can bring about positive transformations and live more fulfilling lives. 

 What are the main obstacles that hinder people from realizing their dreams? 

The primary roadblocks that impede individuals from fulfilling their dreams are poor habits, laziness, lack of discipline, and willpower. In a recent conversation I had this morning, we delved into the significance of willpower and the ability to maintain focus. Throughout my work with clients, we often reach a point where they encounter a roadblock—an awareness to the challenge they face and lacking the answer. Thus a need for a coach. There is a necessary drive to exert the effort required to achieve the life they aspire to. They question their capacity for discipline in taking the actions necessary to reach their goals. They must confront the

pressure, challenges, and resistance that accompany the pursuit of their dreams, akin to scaling a mountain to reach its summit. 

It’s crucial to acknowledge that this is not merely a misconception but rather a matter of internal determination and resilience. Ultimately, it hinges on whether individuals are willing to make tweaks and changes so they can let go of their old ways and embrace the new version of themselves that is more in alignment. This transformative process represents the true essence of personal growth. 

 What are the common fears you encounter? 

The fears I commonly encounter can be summarized as “false evidence appearing real.” These are the thoughts and beliefs we hold that lack a basis in truth. I often draw inspiration from Abraham Hicks or Esther Hicks, who eloquently explains how we introduce resistance into the process of manifesting the life we desire. Why do we do this? It’s because we fail to choose joy and happiness as our guiding principles. By simply embracing joy and acceptance without adding resistance, such as thoughts like “this will take a long time” or “this will be difficult,” we can eliminate many obstacles. These thoughts form the barriers within people’s minds, questioning their willingness to make necessary sacrifices and how pursuing their dreams will impact their daily lives. These are the forms of resistance and obstacles we erect in front of the life we truly desire. 

In addition to these self-imposed barriers, misconceptions and fears become added burdens. I often liken it to baking a cake. We have essential ingredients like eggs, flour, oil, and milk, but we tend to pour in a substantial amount of what I refer to as resistance or challenges. It’s as if 

we mix them into the batter. However, there is also something called the “art of allowing,” which involves simply being and allowing the universe, or a higher power like God, to flow goodness into our lives. We should put down the umbrella and let abundance and goodness rain down upon us. It’s perplexing when we don’t feel the rain, missing out on the abundance that is readily available to us as we stand under the proverbial umbrella. 

 How do you support individuals in overcoming their fears and challenges? 

One of the most effective techniques I employ is guiding individuals to practice intentional breathing. This simple yet powerful approach can be immensely helpful because anxiety often arises from our reactions to situations. By focusing on conscious and deliberate breathing, we can alleviate anxiety, bring ourselves into the present moment, and gain greater clarity in examining the challenges we face. 

Furthermore, I assist clients by offering them an alternative perspective. Oftentimes, people become fixated on a singular viewpoint that may be limiting or fear-driven. I encourage them to externalize their thoughts by writing them down on paper. This exercise allows us to step back

and view the situation from a different angle, fostering a fresh understanding. When individuals are open and willing to engage in this process, we can make significant progress together in overcoming their fears and challenges. 

 Could you share a recent success story as an example? 

Certainly! I recently had the opportunity to work with a woman who had a specific goal unrelated to coaching or working with me directly. She aimed to maintain a cleaner kitchen, which often felt overwhelming to her. With two children, a boyfriend, and constant activity due to their farm, the kitchen frequently descended into chaos, causing her significant anxiety. 

To address this challenge, I guided her through a process. First, we explored the situation from a fresh perspective, seeking alternative viewpoints. Then, we delved into problem-solving strategies. Whenever she found herself becoming anxious while surveying the messy kitchen, I encouraged her to pause and focus on her breath. By taking deep breaths, she was able to alleviate her anxiety and gain a clearer sense of perspective. We realized that, in the grand scheme of life, the state of the kitchen wasn’t as overwhelming as it initially appeared. 

Once her anxiety was reduced through breathwork, we developed a program or strategy to maintain a cleaner kitchen. Equipped with a calmer and clearer mindset, she implemented the strategies we devised, gradually achieving a more organized and pleasant kitchen space. 

Moreover, the role of focus was pivotal in her success. As I mentioned earlier, the focus is intricately linked to discipline and willpower. People often possess the ability to focus on things that capture their attention or ignite their passion, such as social media or television. In this case, we redirected her focus to what truly mattered, emphasizing the bigger picture rather than getting caught up in trivial matters. 

This success story beautifully exemplifies the power of shifting perspectives, utilizing breathwork to manage anxiety, and prioritizing focus on what truly matters when striving to achieve one’s goals. 

What has led you to your current position, and what keeps you motivated? 

My path to where I am today was initiated by the decline and subsequent divorce of my marriage. During that challenging period, I embarked on a personal quest for self-discovery and introspection. Through this transformative journey of seeking and exploration, I was able to unearth my true self—the core essence of who I am. This profound experience propelled me to help others achieve the same level of self-awareness and authenticity. Understanding one’s true identity becomes a catalyst for change and growth in life. 

My own transformational journey is ongoing, and it fuels my motivation. What drives me is witnessing countless individuals who find themselves confined by society, religious, parental, or

spousal expectations. These external influences impose notions of how they should live, behave, and conform. However, these expectations often clash with their authentic selves, resulting in frustration and discontentment. I am deeply passionate about assisting individuals in breaking free from these restrictive molds and discovering a sense of liberation. 

Freedom is a recurring topic in my conversations with people. The preciousness and transformative power of living authentically and freely cannot be overstated. Many individuals hold back from pursuing their desires due to concerns about others’ opinions or societal norms deeply ingrained within them. Guiding people to embrace freedom and reconnect with their true selves brings me profound joy. It empowers them to live in harmony, embracing joy, peace, love, and kindness. 

I firmly believe in the ripple effect of making a positive difference in even one person’s life. The impact extends far beyond that individual, reaching others across the globe. This conviction is what drives me and gives purpose to my work—to guide individuals on their transformative journey of self-discovery and liberation. It is a profound privilege to play a part in their personal growth and empowerment. 

 Can you share any lessons from your personal journey that continue to influence your approach to helping clients? 

Absolutely. One of the most significant lessons I have learned, and that continues to shape my work with clients, is the importance of listening to my body. Our bodies possess a conscious awareness, often referred to as our “gut feeling” or “intuition.” Many people tend to overlook this inner guidance and make decisions that lead them toward lower vibrations or negative outcomes. In contrast, I strive to support individuals in maintaining high vibrations and positive energy. 

Through learning to listen to my body, trusting my gut, and paying attention to subtle nudges or hunches, I have gained valuable insights. It involves becoming more aware, conscious, and attuned to that still, small voice within. One can think of it as the metaphorical angels on our shoulders—the influences of good and bad. Which voice are we listening to, or perhaps ignoring? What physical sensations or feelings do we brush aside? Personally, I have observed that stress manifests as a heaviness or discomfort in my heart. Recognizing and acknowledging these signals has been paramount. 

The lesson of listening to one’s body plays a central role in my approach when assisting clients. I encourage them to tap into their own body sensations, feelings, and intuitions. By paying attention to these signals, they can gain valuable insights and make decisions that align with their authentic selves. It is through this heightened awareness of the body that individuals can navigate their lives with greater clarity and live in harmony with their true identities.

 What do you believe are the key questions that individuals should ask themselves when considering or prior to hiring a coach to overcome their challenges and obstacles? 

When contemplating the prospect of hiring a coach to overcome their challenges and obstacles, there are several vital questions individuals should ask themselves. Firstly, they should honestly assess their readiness to step out of their comfort zone. Transformation and growth necessitate a willingness to embrace change and confront challenges directly. It is crucial for individuals to 

determine if they are genuinely committed to making the necessary shifts in their lives. 

Furthermore, prospective clients should reflect on their goals and aspirations. What specific challenges and obstacles do they currently face? By clarifying their desired outcomes and identifying the areas in which they seek improvement, they can better align themselves with a coach whose expertise matches their needs. Understanding their own motivations and the objectives they hope to achieve through coaching is pivotal in establishing a successful coaching partnership. 

Equally important is evaluating their own openness and willingness to receive guidance and support. Are they prepared to be honest and vulnerable in their coaching sessions? Will they actively engage and take responsibility for their personal growth? Assessing their mindset and readiness for coaching ensures that they approach the coaching relationship with the right attitude and level of commitment. 

By posing these essential questions to themselves, prospective clients can gain clarity and ensure that they are fully prepared for the transformative journey that coaching can provide. 

 Do you have any advice for individuals who are considering hiring a coach to overcome challenges in their lives and are evaluating different options? 

Absolutely. My advice would be to seek a coach who is further along on the journey than you are. It is crucial not to work with someone who is at the same level or below where you currently stand. While it may seem tempting to choose a coach with a lower fee that feels affordable, their impact on your growth and development may be limited. Instead, aim to find a coach who has achieved significant progress and is operating outside your comfort zone. It is okay to start with small steps, but do not shy away from taking the leap. 

Working with a coach who is further ahead can result in a quantum leap in your personal growth and development. I assist individuals in compressing time, enabling them to learn valuable lessons in a shorter period. Although the process may be intense and challenging, it can save you years of struggling on your own. Just like a chiropractor who adjusts your body, temporary discomfort can lead to long-term alignment and relief. Consider the value of the time you could save by experiencing profound growth and transformation within a shorter timeframe.

Ultimately, my advice is to prioritize the potential long-term benefits and growth when selecting a coach. Seek someone who has achieved what you aspire to achieve and is willing to guide you outside of your comfort zone. Embrace the opportunity for accelerated growth and profound change, even if it comes with temporary discomfort. 

 How can readers learn more about you, and is there any offer or information you would like to share with them? 

Thank you for asking. To find out more about me, I invite you to visit my website at There, you will find my Linktree link, which directs you to various resources. Feel free to explore my YouTube channel and podcasts, where you can access valuable content. 

As a call to action, I offer a free 30-minute consultation. I invite you to jump on my calendar so we can have a chat and discuss how I can support you on your journey. You can find more information about me and my services on my website. 

In addition, if you visit, you will find testimonials and reviews from previous clients, providing insights into the positive impact I have had on their lives. 

Thank you for your interest, and I encourage you to reach out and explore the possibilities of working together.

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